The Necklace

As many of you know, my wife passed away a few months ago.  I’ve wrestled with sharing the necklace story because it is a bit out there for a left-brain business guy, but friends have suggested that I should share it, so here it is.

After Elisabeth passed away, all my children came over for a private memorial at our house. We gathered around her Bagua Circle (pictured here).  Elisabeth loved to do Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Gong) in the circle with nature all around her.

That evening, I brought my two daughters and daughter-in-love (as Elisabeth called our daughter-in-law) up to her closet and I gave them some of her jewelry to remember her.

I told them that I would eventually give them most all her pieces except for two that I wanted to keep; her wedding ring and a necklace.  The necklace was a heart with a lock and key that she often wore.  We looked everywhere for the necklace – her jewelry drawers, the safe, everywhere.  But we couldn’t find it.  I was distraught because this necklace had a lot of sentimental value.  I bought it for her on a long romantic weekend trip to New Orleans and we both loved this piece a great deal.  Ashley, my eldest daughter, said that sometimes women drop a piece of jewelry in their purse and so we went through every purse she had.  (OK, so can I just say – OMG, I had no idea she had so many purses!!!!). We did find some jewelry but not the one I wanted so badly.  I was distraught because the necklace held so many happy memories.

The Necklace Dream

After the family left, I went to bed.  That night, I had the first dream about Elisabeth since her passing.  I had a very vivid dream about hands (that looked like Elisabeth’s) holding up a small pocketbook to my face and opening it up.  I couldn’t see anything else and I woke up and wrote the dream down.

A couple of weeks later, my daughter, Dorian (AKA Cassandra) came over for Thanksgiving Dinner (an American tradition).  While she was there, she asked if she could look through some bags that were in our pantry that had a lot of Elisabeth’s things in them.  She was looking for a Switch game that they both played together.  Dorian couldn’t visit Elisabeth’s island on the game without permission and she wanted to do that.  I told her to feel free to go through the bags and if she happened to find the necklace to let me know.  She sat on the floor and started going through everything.  I stood next to Dorian wondering if I should tell her about the dream I had.  It was so “out there” for me that I thought she would think I was losing it.  However, I felt compelled to tell her and so I shared the dream.

Just as I finished telling her about the dream, I looked down at her and she opened a small pocketbook and held it up to my face – “does it look like this?” she said as she opened the pocketbook and pulled out the necklace.  And there was the pocketbook exactly like in the dream I had.  I realized that it wasn’t Elisabeth’s hands in my dream, it was our daughter’s hands, and it was held up to my face just as in the dream except in her other hand was the necklace.

The fact that I shared the dream with her just as she found the pocketbook and necklace at the same moment was surreal.  We laughed, we cried, and we were both dumbfounded.

No one really “knows” what happens after we pass on – but today more than ever, I believe our loved ones can come back to us in mysterious ways with messages.

I have no answers – only my experience.  And that experience was stunning.

Have you ever lost a loved one and felt that they somehow spoke to you afterward?  If so, tell me about it here.

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  1. Love this story, thank you for sharing. I too am a widow. I will tell you, YES, our loved ones often come to us in different ways. There are countless times, I know so strongly that my loved one was certainly with me and sending me “that message”. I often will burst out laughing or smile just knowing yes that was them. If you have lost someone so dear, then you will get it. If you have lot someone and have not experienced “a moment” YET, trust me, you will eventually. Have faith, trust, and believe.

  2. I believe your dreams is came true to you Dr. Ivan.

    I believe that it is a miracle manifest message between you and your wife frequencies vibrations contact ✨

  3. Wow! What a beautiful story. I’ve had some pretty strong communication from my grandmother when she passed. She and I were very close. I could feel her presence. Promising myself to start a journal this week of the messages I get. I look forward to reading more of the messages you get Ivan. This is a very special gift to be able to receive these messages. What a blessing!

  4. Hi Ivan
    I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Beth’s sudden passing. I had the chance to speak on a panel with her in Poland and she was a lovely caring person.

    I was always a bit cynical about incidents like this until I experienced my own. I lost my mum to cancer a few months before Beth passed so share your pain. I had to make decisions on funeral arrangements and music. Mum didn’t listen to that much music so we struggled. Then that night I started to hum from nowhere a song. The perfect song. ‘Bring me sunshine’ by morecambe and wise. I hadn’t heard it in years. Mum loved morecambe and wise and when we were children she would watch it with us. She especially loved this song and dance routine. I strongly believe it was mum telling me that’s what she wanted and to not be sad. So that’s what we played.

    We keep our loved ones in our hearts and they speak through us in our actions and deeds. Beth would be proud of how you’re coping and I know my mum would be proud of me too.

  5. Ivan, you and Beth have a love story that will last beyond the ages. She and I interacted on a few occasions… each one meaningful, for Beth infused meaning into every conversation she had. One thing was clear in every conversation — you were her world. It is no surprise to me that she visits you in ways seen and unseen. Keep your eyes open… she’ll always be there. Prayers and love and gratitude for a beautiful, vulnerable share.

  6. Thank you Ivan for sharing this loving story.
    I’ve supported my dear dear friend a few weeks ago right after her partner had passed away. There was so much love between them …
    Your story is in a way healing for me, thank you!
    I’ll definitely tell her your story of the necklace.

  7. Great story and your comment about our loved ones reaching out is absolute. My oldest son Matt (actually step son) passed away with a major heart attack. We traveled to Massachusetts to have the funeral and bury him. On the day we returned home to SC a cardinal insisted on trying to get in my Jeep with me, trying about three times. I knew it was my message from Matthew.

  8. IMy grandfather was bed ridden for the last seven years of his life. We share listening to his Johnny Cash records. When he passed away he appeared at the end of my bed one night and showed me that his hands could now move he seemed to be singing. I work up to my arm clock going off. I never had to set to play music., but this morning I work up to Johnny Cash playing on the radio. I knew he was out of pain and in his happy place.

  9. Ivan—what a lovely story about the power of love and the connection between our loved ones in heaven and those of us here. My husband Dan had an experience that brought that home to us. Shortly after Dan’s Dad died in 2000 (on Dan’s birthday), his mother gave him his father’s rings. His wedding ring had been soldered to a signet ring—but they were too small for Dan’s hand—he managed to squeeze it onto his pinky finger and we commented that it would never come off. The first morning after Dan put the rings on he woke to find that the rings were not on his hand! We found them lying on the floor next to our bed. He once again had to squeeze it in his finger—it stayed—and we believe that it was his Dad who wanted him to know he was still watching over him! Blessings to you all as you journey on with Beth in your hearts. Much love!

  10. Ivan, what a wonderful story! It brought back memories! My Mom and I had a tough relationship over the years. I was struggling with guilt and was talking to her and asked her for a sign, like make two roses bloom on my rose bush, something. Then six months after she passed, I was having a 1 to 1 meeting with a woman for the first time. The meeting started with us exchanging pleasantries and her asking me about my glasses and she wanted to try them on which led to a discussion about my eye disease. She then asked me a question that only my mother would know. The woman explained, embarrassingly, that she a medium also and describe who was there and that this person was driving her crazy because she kept pointing at her finger. I knew right then it was my mom and she was recognizing that I had her wedding ring on. That meeting turned out to be a life-changing moment for me. My mom told me things in that meeting that she hadn’t told me in life. There was one thing she said I couldn’t put together and then a few days later a song came on the radio with lyrics, that put it all together. She wanted me to have clarity. I have been at peace ever since. It was one of the biggest blessings of my life.

    Ivan, you will have more moments like the one you had. They are blessings as our loved ones don’t leave us, they simply watch over us!

  11. How beautiful Ivan. It doesn’t matter what I nor anyone else say, we believe when we have our own experiences. Your experience was stunning – be open to more. And no, you’re not strange or losing it, just moving into new experiences that you’ve not had before. Beth was such an open and loving soul. Stay open, enjoy the wonder of them, and be curious to discern them and not dismiss them. Our world, energy, love are all miraculous. Thank you for your sharing.

  12. Ivan, she is with you.
    I experienced receiving a sign the night my love died, I did not know it was from him until I knew he had died.

    I saw this sign again when I was with you and Beth at a difficult time in my life years later.

    The night my love was killed in a car accident I saw or dreamt that a hand was reaching through my window and I knew someone was trying desperately to communicate with me. I felt that something terrible had happened. The next day I called hospitals and later learned he had died. To me he was saying goodbye/ communicating with his soul that he was departing. This gave me belief that the soul lives on.

    In 2008 when you and Beth so kindly helped me at a difficult time, Ashley was showing some of her paintings and I saw her painting of your hand reaching out – just the way the hand had reached out that night. To me this was a sign that my love was still with me. I have it beside me now as you so generously gave it to me.

    I will forever be grateful to Beth and to you for the kindness you showed me. My time with Beth made a profound difference to my life, she is an angel.

  13. Dear Ivan, I was saddened to hear of your wife’s passing and my heart goes out to you. I am so glad you shared this necklace story and since you asked if anyone else has had a story like this, I thought I would share my story.

    My dad had cancer and he knew he was going to pass. He did not believe in an afterlife but confronted with the knowledge of death, he wanted to know about my near-death-experience (NDE) that had occurred when I was in my twenties. I told him all about it and how since my NDE, I never doubted there was life after death and that I had experienced true bliss and love when I crossed over. My dad said he wished he could believe this but he just did not. As he said, “Dust to dust.”.

    On Father’s Day 2007, I was at home with gifts for my dad when the hospital called to say he was dying. It was the worst car ride of my life going to the hospital holding the thought that when I arrived, my dad could be gone. Anyway, my husband and I got to his hospital bedside just as he died. Naturally, I was so sad and upset. One of my sisters was in Italy and she had said, “if dad passes while I am away, do not tell me, as there will be nothing I can do.” So, we did not tell her.

    That night after I went to bed, I woke up to see a red light in the corner of my room. I immediately knew it was my father. I was scared and ran downstairs. Then, I thought about how silly this was. I said to myself, “Diane, it is your dad, go back upstairs and talk to him.” So, I went back and the light was still there. I laid down on the bed and spoke to my dad in my mind. Within my mind, I heard his reply. He said: “Diane, I am so happy. I wanted you to know, that the other side is much more amazing than you said. I just can’t believe it. I am so excited. They have even given me a job.”

    My sister came home three weeks later and we had still not told her about dad. On her return, she gave my sister, my mom and myself a glass red heart on a leather necklace from Venice. She said, “I know dad died. He came to me at night as a red light and told me himself.” She gave each one of us the same necklace as a symbol of the red light and love she felt from Dad. She thought we could all wear them at the funeral – which we did.

    Even though my sister had been halfway around the world she also experienced Dad coming to her as a red light. I felt it was a confirmation that what had happened to me was not my imagination or wishful thinking.

    Later, I told a friend at my office about the experience and said I had never heard of anyone having their loved one come to them that way. She replied, “Oh I have. I read a story like it in the book called: “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton. She gave me the book. I highly recommend it. Dr. Michael Newton was a counseling psychologist, master hypnotherapist and teacher for 40 years. Once during a hypnosis session, a client started recounting her experience in her life-between-lives. He discovered that his clients under deep hypnosis could speak of their lives-between-lives. In this book and his second book, “Destiny of Souls”, he recounts case after case of what people experience after they leave their physical bodies and pass to the other side. I felt deeply compelled to pull out this book and read it again just this month. I believe my dad impulsed me to do that (but that is another story). Maybe, this happened so the book would be fresh in my mind and I could pass the knowledge to you. I know it really helped me after my dad passed.

    I am sure your beautiful wife is using the necklace to definitely communicating with you and your family to help bring you all comfort.

    Thank you for all you do Ivan for BNI and the world. I have been in BNI for almost eight years as both a member and a Director/Consultant in Vancouver, BC, Canada I think it is an amazing way to network and learn – especially during this unique time on the planet.

    1. Hello Diane. Ironically, Elisabeth and I had listened to Journey of Souls and were half way through Destiny of Souls when she passed away. This book has given me great solace. Elisabeth listened to the book several years earlier. I think it is prophetic that she asked me to listen to it with her just a few months before she passed away (long before we knew it was cancer that she was dealing with).

      1. Hi Ivan. As it says in A Course in Miracles (which I have studied for over 30 years) – there are no accidents. I am so pleased that you know of these books and that they have brought you comfort and solace. I agree it was prophetic that she asked you to listen to the books with her. Take good care and stay well.

      2. Hi Ivan. As it says in A Course in Miracles (which I have studied for over 30 years) – there are no accidents. I am so pleased that you know of these books and that they have brought you comfort and solace. I agree it was prophetic that your wife asked you to listen to the books with her. Blessings to you and yours.

  14. Ivan this is so beautiful and special and thanks for sharing this sweet dream of Beth’s loving memories and eternal love 💕 I too have a story of a piece of jewellery with my dearest soul sister.Will share it very soon 💕🌹🙏🏼

  15. Dear Ivan Thank you for sharing this so special moment , I have Lost my Mom on Oct 27 2020 it has been one of most devastating moments of my life, my mom was the “Glue” of our family ,and loosing her feels that lost a big piece of my heart. such a warrior was my mother ! one day before she “left us” she went into a coma and that night ( in fact at the time registered of her death supposedly 5 am) I dreamed of her in a beautiful garden with this amazing smile and waiving at me , and I was suddenly wide awake. about an hour later I got the call to tell me my mom had passed. i KNOW that my mother somehow was saying goodbye to me that night, and that gave me the comfort I needed that morning .I live in South Africa and my mom was living in Madeira Islands . i will never forget her smile and wave as long as i live. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for your loss .Lulu Rodrigues – BNI SOUTH POINT – South Africa

  16. Awesome story!! Yes they come back to us, in fact they never leave. I am a Medium and sit with close friends to connect them with their deceased loved ones. It is a very emotional yet loving experience. Keep your channels open to receive and you’ll receive more messages.

  17. Ivan, I am so glad you shared this story. It is so precious and heartwarming (for a business guy!) and I love the openness! I believe these types of things will continue as Elisabeth shows you she is still with you! Much Love!

  18. Ivan,

    What a beautiful & touching moment in finding the necklace. I also believe some loved ones; those with the greatest of connection to us through love, do still communicate. Be on the watch for cardinals & butterflies also – lovely spirits take flight. I pray for continued comfort and joy in your life and your memories of Beth.

  19. My sister gets Angel messages for people whose loved ones have passed. She wrote a book on Amazon called Divine Messages. What she wrote came into her “hands as she typed”.THe phrases she used isn’t how she speaks so I know she was receiving messages. Adults often block coincidences or things that happen as they don’t want to believe in angels. Children are more open and often see what we refuse to accept. If you want to know more go to Rosemary is a former educator for 32 years in public elementary school so she is “grounded”…
    Lastly, when our dad passed in Mom’s living room I arrived one hour later so didn’t see him. Later that day, I heard a faint doorbell ringing and when I opened the door, no one was there. I also felt a tap on my head and I was alone in the living room, or was I? (former 12 year BNI member Kingston, MA)

  20. Apreciado Ivan. Bonita historia. De alguna forma estamos todos conectados a nuestros seres queridos, muchas veces por un hilo invisible que aunque no lo podamos ver está ahí. Siempre he pensado que cuando te sucede algo tan bonito como ese sueño, esa señal , merece la pena pensar que tras nuestra partida hacia una nueva vida, nos encontraremos de nuevo con esos seres tan queridos para nosotros. Vivamos hoy como si no hubiera un mañana y con la paz y la serenidad de que todo lo que hacemos para ayudar a los demás va a tener su recompensa en una vida plena y eterna. Givers Gain

  21. MY father died when I was 18, nearly 30 years ago. Even to this day, I still have moments when I can hear his voice talk to me. Since I was close with my father, these times are comforting to me.

  22. História sensacional! Obrigada por compartilhar. Hoje eu sou consteladora familiar e sei que temos grande conexão com nossos familiares.

    Em meu caso, as conexões mais fortes que tive foram antes da morte de minha mãe e de minha irmã.
    Três dias antes de minha mãe morrer, eu sonhei com minha sobrinha sendo atropelada por um caminhão. Quando acordei fiquei angustiada e ao comentar com minha mãe, ela falou que deveria acontecer com outra pessoa. E foi exatamente como aconteceu com a mãe.

    Já minha irmã. Alguns dias antes de sua morte, sonhei que a via em uma casa ao lado de meu amigo Padre. Quando ele saiu da casa relatando que ela era uma pessoa especial e mesmo sem a conhecer ele sentia uma grande afeição por ela, no momento seguinte ela deixou de existir. No sonho ela não fazia mais parte de nós. Pouco depois eu e ela nos encontramos tivemos um momento de conversa sobre o quanto nos amávamos e o que realmente importava da vida. Nos abraçamos, choramos e oramos juntas, cinco dias depois ela faleceu em um acidente de carro.

  23. When I heard you mention the “Necklace story” this morning during the special Q&A session I just knew I had to read this.

    What a remarkable and beautiful story! I love it! Although I haven’t lost anyone I’ve loved so dearly as you have loved (and still love) Elizabeth, it makes one unafraid to love with all of their heart, out the fear of losing the person some day.

    Thanks again for sharing this regardless! My heart is still melting…

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