My Top Tip for Hitting the Marketing Target

I wasn’t always confident about marketing. When I first started out in business, my degrees were in Political Science and Organizational Behavior. I had very little marketing experience until I went to work for a transportation company in Southern California. Within a two-week span, I went from a role in the purchasing department to a significant role in marketing–a huge change that was an even bigger learning experience for me.

My marketing experience was trial by fire and reading. I just started reading books on marketing and learned as I went along. That experience gave me enough knowledge to do some marketing on my own when I later started out as a business consultant.

If someone had asked me when I was 25 years old where I saw myself career wise thirty or 40 years later, I would have had no clue that my career would be all about marketing . . . that I would be the Founder of the world’s largest networking organizationSometimes we go places in life we never expected to go, however I wouldn’t change a thing about the career path I chose. I am passionate about helping people grow their businesses and achieve great success through effective referral marketing. After more than three decades devoted to this work, I really enjoy knowing that what I do allows me to pass on the marketing knowledge and experience I’ve attained in order to benefit others.

Build Your Brand

When I am asked what my top marketing tip would be, I think it’s really all about building the brand–either the brand of the company or of the individual, depending on the type of business that you’re in. Name recognition is one of the biggest challenges, especially for small companies. It’s not the same for everybody because every business is a little different and people’s skill sets are different.

For me, in my business, brand building has largely been about writing. Before the internet, I was trying to get articles published in newspapers and magazines. Now it’s so much easier. With blogs and social media, even small companies can have a global reach. The problem is all the ‘white noise’ that’s out there: with so many people wanting a piece of the action you must be able to stand out.

Writing to Build Your Brand

I realize that most businesspeople really do not have time to sit down and write an entire book. I do think that writing articles is something that most people could find time to do at least once a month. Writing articles consistently and for an extended period of time, is a plausible, virtually costless, way to brand yourself and your business. It allows you to increase your visibility and enhance credibility in your community. However, my experience has been that it is just an idea that most people aren’t willing to commit their time to.

For those who are willing to step up to the task, here is my best advice:

  • Think about the things you know and understand best. Select the elements of that knowledge that might be of interest to the general public, and then review the types of media outlets that write for that audience.
  • Contact an editor of one of the sites or publications you selected. Tell them why their readers will be interested in the feature idea you have or why it’s newsworthy. Idea: use your network to connect with the editor.
  • Stick with it and remain consistent in submitting articles and before you know it, you will be well on your way to branding yourself as a local expert through being a recognized, published author.

For me, the top marketing tip to build your brand would be to write, write, write. Become an expert in your field so people want to follow you because when they follow you, they’re more likely to do business with you.

What is your top marketing tip? I’d love to hear how you’re making your mark with marketing – leave a reply below. Thank you.

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