My ‘Business Networking and Sex’ Epiphany

In this video, Hazel Walker, one of my Business Networking and Sex co-authors, asks me what I learned from the research we conducted for the book and, specifically, what my biggest epiphany was.

I explain the answer that really blew me away and caused me to come to a major realization when I was interviewing someone prior to writing the book.  I’m telling you, no matter how much you may learn about networking, there’s always more to learn!

3 thoughts on “My ‘Business Networking and Sex’ Epiphany

  1. I saw Frank present this book at a BNI conference this year and bought the book and am reading it. the interesting thing is that I am reading it but by bit, then go out and observe as well as apply what I just read. It is an amazing experience and I feel more that I am sharing it with others, rather than devour the book and then go read the next one. Nice innovative angle on Networking. So Frank and Ivan, what’a next

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