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‘Multi-Touch Marketing’ Helped Win The Presidential Election

OK, the economy was clearly the big factor in this presidential election.  However, that aside, I am in awe of the “multi-touch marketing campaign” by President-elect Obama that helped steamroll the election.  No matter what party you are with or which candidate you supported (I’m an Independent), you have to admire the technology strategy implemented by the Obama-Biden team.  It was, I believe, the first true 21st century presidential campaign.

This “new millennium” approach to politics involved a mixed-media plan that began with an online video announcing Obama’s candidacy.  The campaign then used Facebook and YouTube extensively.  A social network for the Obama-Biden ticket was also utilized throughout the process.  Supporters created their own websites and linked back to the campaign website.  E-mails and text messaging were used extensively, and donations came in droves through this process.

Technology flattens the communications hierarchy.  In this campaign, technology was implemented with such an effective multi-touch methodology that the results were amazing to behold.  The campaign used multiple points of influence to pull people through to the election.  It is a case study that we entrepreneurs can draw from to market and promote our own businesses.

If President-elect Obama and his team run the country as well as they ran this campaign, some amazing things may take place.

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5 thoughts on “‘Multi-Touch Marketing’ Helped Win The Presidential Election

  1. Hie Tim,

    Yes this was really a virtual campaign. Social networking is cheap and it is so effective to create relationship and advertising.

    Well me too i am an independant but i am in awe when i saw what Obama accomplish. Lets hope is not another president puppet for the bankers and the elites.

    Michel Richer

  2. Congratulation Sir Obama Hussein Barack, you are the 21st victory of other colours, I am one of the supporters to him but I am away from this country and did not give vote for him. By the way, I had given my moral support for him.
    I am wishing you well of your country and the world with the help of Almighty God. Peace be with you.

  3. I concur. Obama has shown us the power of multi-faceted marketing. He capitalized on the the internet while employing traditional forms of direct marketing/campaigning simultaneously. He was able to develop a wide range of support by using the direct and indirect forms of communicating to the public. He used the internet to respond directly and immediately to his supporters. Feedback is essential. I was impressed.

  4. They did work it. The 21st century election is a perfect example of why we could not let McCain in. He still have the good old boy mentality. This is a new day. YES WE CAN
    It does not matter if you are a D or a R a L or a I. Obama is all to all. A president was set the very first time he shook his own hand. He does not have to choose to shake a white or black mans hand, he is a BLACKWHITE and WHITEBLACK man. Black man hand in hand WITH a white man. We won’t have to be concerned with the color of our skin. It is what it is. Let me say it like this, every time he lye down, its with a white man, every time he rises its with a white man, every time he bathes its with a white man, every time he makes a decision its for all mankind. WHY? He is a black white man…….. I enjoyed your blog

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