Moving from Visibility to Credibility

In last Thursday’s blog, I explained that visibility, the first phase of the VCP Process®, brings the opportunity to build credibility and that credibility is what will ultimately get you to profitability, where you’ll actually benefit from your networking and relationship building efforts.

So how do you move from visibility to credibility?  Well, once you and another individual achieve visibility with each other, meaning you’re aware of each other and the nature of each other’s business, you begin to form expectations of one another; once those expectations are fulfilled, your relationship can enter the credibility stage.  If each person is confident of gaining satisfaction from the relationship, then it will continue to strengthen.

Credibility is the quality of being reliable, worthy of confidence.  Credibility grows when appointments are kept, promises are acted upon, facts are verified, and services are rendered.  The old saying that results speak louder than words is true.  Failure to live up to expectations–to keep both explicit and implicit promises–can kill a budding relationship before it breaks the surface of the ground and can create visibility of a kind you don’t want.

To determine how credible you are, people often turn to third parties.  They ask someone they know who has known you longer or perhaps has done business with you.  So, how credible are you?  Would the people in your network vouch for you by saying that you are reliable and honest, your products and services are effective, you keep your appointments, act on your promises, deliver results as expected, and can be counted on in a crunch?  If you’re not sure, now is the time to make a strategic effort to build your credibility; without credibility, you can forget about achieving profitability.

If you’re interested in learning more about profitability (If you’re in business, it’s safe to assume you’re very interested. ;-)), the third phase of the VCP Process®, and when you should expect to achieve it with your contacts, be sure to come back and read this Thursday’s blog.

5 thoughts on “Moving from Visibility to Credibility

  1. I believe that profitability comes quicker when we truly live the “givers gain” philosophy. If we try and build meaningful relationships with people wondering when we’ll see a profit, they will feel uncomfortable without knowing why. They beauty of givers gain is that when we are sincere and authentic in our desire to help others, it does come back to us… often in other ways.

  2. Keeping the VCP process in my mind when establishing business relationships will help you understand when to or when not to ask for a customer’s business.

    It’s absolutely crucial to build your credibility so the customer trust you and the advise you give.

    When high levels of credibility is established, the customer will feel confident in referring you to others in their network.

    Operating at this level of credibility ultimately will lead you to profitability.

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