Michael Gerber’s Key to Business Growth: “Working on It”


In this video, my friend, The E-Myth author Michael Gerber, talks about his new website — www.WorkingOnIt.com — which is devoted to helping entrepreneurs grow business and achieve success.

I wanted to spread the news about this great educational resource because I am a firm believer in Michael’s strategies and philosophies for business growth.  I built my networking organization around some of the key philosophies that Michael wrote about in The E-Myth and I know that is a large part of why my business has grown globally into what it is today.

So, after you watch this short video clip, be sure to check out Michael’s new website and then, if you have a minute, please come back and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although Michael’s new website, www.WorkingOnIt.com, makes mention of BNI and addresses “BNI friends,” the website and the educational information and offers it contains are open to absolutely everyone–including BusinessNetworking.com blog readers and the general public as a whole.

4 thoughts on “Michael Gerber’s Key to Business Growth: “Working on It”

  1. I saw Michael Gerber speak for the 1st time at Peak Potential’s Guerilla Business School, and I was blown away by his humor and stories which rang true for both personal and professional life and helped me as an entrepreneur. Whatever Michael is up to, I am very interested in learning about. Thanks for sharing!
    To your career success!

  2. I love that subtlety of working ON it not IN it – beauty-full. I so agree there has never been more opportunity out there than there is now – thanks for sharing.

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