I am delighted to announce the publication of Geneen Roth’s This Messy Magnificent Life:  A Field Guide.

This new book is a radical tour of the body and the self. It is also Geneen’s most personal to date. It is an exhilarating, touching, sometimes counterintuitive read on how we unknowingly internalize the way we have been treated: our own secret misogyny. It’s a deep dive into what lies behind our self-criticism, whether it is about the size of our thighs, the expression of our thoughts or the shape of our ambitions.  It’s about stopping the search to “fix” ourselves—and realizing that on the other side of that never-ending project is the path to peace of mind and the space to reclaim one’s power, and joy.

After years of teaching workshops on weight, food, and money, Geneen Roth realized that there was a connection between these issues that held her students captive in their anxiety, lack, and discontent.   Seeing herself as much a student as a guide, Roth uses revelations from her own life—both the horrific and comic—to explore this connection, in language both precise and elating.  Funny and compassionate, her reflections are also hard-earned.  Out of her own past struggles with feeling as if she would never fit into her own skin, much less in the world around her, Geneen tackles how we can move beyond our pasts and build a life that reflects our singularity. The result is a brilliant, bravura meditation on who we take ourselves to be, what is enough in a culture based on more, and claiming your rightful place, with no excuses or apologies, in your own life. Matt and Ganeen are friends and fellow members of TLC.

In difficult times, This Messy Magnificent Life:  A Field Guide is the survival guide we need. It is certain to provide solace and wisdom to readers for many years we come.

So… I found a chapter from the book and I’ve attached it. It’s called The Breaths I Have Left, and it’s about making the most of our time while we’re here. 
For more information here is the link to the book:

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