Meeting for the First Time?–10 Questions to Ask

When meeting someone for the first time, do you ever find yourself getting tongue-tied or feeling lost when it comes to knowing what questions you should ask to get a conversation going? Help is here! . . .

In this video, I list 10 questions that I personally use when I’m meeting someone for the first time.  Most of the questions shouldn’t be too surprising to you because what you’re trying to glean from an initial conversation with someone is usually pretty standard.  However there are two questions that I really, really love.  One of them will allow you to get an idea of what someone is truly passionate about when it comes to their business.  The other will create a powerful opportunity for you to make a real connection and begin building a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

As you’re watching the video, think about what questions you ask people during an intial introduction.  Do you have any different or unusual questions which you’ve found to be particularly helpful in your conversations?  I’ve told you what questions I use and I’m very curious to hear what questions you’ve had success with, so please take a moment to share in the comment forum below.  I read every single comment left on my blog site and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you–thanks so much!

10 thoughts on “Meeting for the First Time?–10 Questions to Ask

  1. I found this very helpful. I just joined BNI, and I find myself struggling sometimes to know what questions to ask during a 1-to-1. I am going to use these questions during my next one! Thank you do much for your insight!

  2. I always like to ask the question: “what do you want to accomplish?” It is general enough that folks will choose the category, and then really speak from the heart about themselves and what they want or need.

  3. I like to ask some form of the question “What is something great that’s happened to you lately?” Finding a really positive, up toned individuals in any industry is great because they are people who become great referral partners in our BNI teams.

  4. I raise money for a non-profit. One of the questions I ask our potential donors is “What could we be doing better”? It gives me insight into our customer service performance and what the potential donor may be interested in helping to fund.

  5. What a amazing share and that too coming at the right time.. Just before departing for the AIM2015. I am sure its going to be very helpful. With the few questions listed above , one question which i usually do ask while meeting someone for the first time would make sure to somehow pick a point from his conversation and congratulate him on what he has been doing and the way he is carrying his Business forward and then after building this ground work… i would ask what’s Next .. How do you plan to go forward from here…..and what would help you to keep up the pace of your growth and the stepping stone to gear up.

  6. Thank you for your encouraging words and tips. I like to ask them if they truly believe in themselves, believe in their product, and believe in the company.

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