Meet Bob, a World Traveler & Networking V.I.P.

Fourteen years ago, I met Bob.  Bob has since then traveled to every part of the world I’ve been to and met thousands of people in the process as my right-hand wing-man and networking partner extraordinaire.

I wrote a blog some time ago telling Bob’s story because he’s a very important person in the way that he can teach us all a thing or two about staying connected.  This video is Bob’s first video blog appearance on and I’m excited to say that it certainly won’t be his last video blog appearance.  Watch the video now to find out more about Bob and why you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of him.

Also, be sure to read the full story about Bob by CLICKING HERE Once you read his story you’ll have a much better understanding why he’s such a popular and well-loved networker and you’ll appreciate him a lot more when he makes his upcoming video cameos.

After watching the video and reading Bob’s story, I’d love to hear your comments on what you think about Bob or your stories about different ways (whether they’re similar to Bob or not) that you stay connected when you’re traveling both near and far.  Thanks in advance for your input!

9 thoughts on “Meet Bob, a World Traveler & Networking V.I.P.

  1. Fabulous idea 🙂 , we have a BNI Member in Portugal that have is own Bob and travels with him everywhere, is a fabulous ice breaker for the beggining of a conversation. His Bob is Obelix and take lots of pictures wherever he goes. Lets play “Where is Bob ? “

  2. Dear Ivan,
    My good friend and a BNI colleague Luis Costa, from BNI Portugal, sent me your Bob video, and I was amazed. You have a Bob, I have an Obelix.
    This year we took it with us for the holidays, and most of our family pictures are, in fact, pictures of him. This became a fabulous ice breaker for every networking meeting. Here’s a medley of pictures that we called “The handsome ginger haired warrior”.

  3. What a great idea. It will probably make people pay more attention to your videos. People are naturally curious and if they are like me they like a mystery. People will come for Bob and get a dose of Ivan at the same time or even the other way around.

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