Marketing Your Business for the Holidays

Are you taking advantage of the holiday season when it comes to marketing your business? You should be! Festive posts really attract audiences who are feeling sentimental or those who are looking for some services specifically around the holidays.

Marketing for the holidays doesn’t mean adding a few snowflakes to your Facebook page, and seasonal networking doesn’t mean drinking egg nog with a contact you haven’t spoken to all year. Instead what this means is utilizing the season to show others how much you appreciate them, whether you appreciate their business or their support. Get small gifts for your clients, send out a sweet holiday-appropriate email blast, or even mail a card via snail mail. People love feeling like they’re being appreciated, and it really does increase your reputation with them for showing those feelings.

Other ways to take advantage of the holiday season is to offer discounts or other offers to customers who follow your social media. Announce on your Facebook that you will have free shipping on all orders placed between a certain time frame, or say when someone makes an appointment for your service if they use the phrase “Happy New Year” they get a discount. There are plenty of ways to get creative around the holiday season.

How do you market and network during the holiday season? Share with me in the comments below!

One thought on “Marketing Your Business for the Holidays

  1. When I was a partner in an automotive repair service, holiday season tended to be slow since people were allocating their cash elsewhere. We started sending between 250 – 500 hand-signed holiday cards to our top clients with a $25 gift card to our shop (these were easy to have made by our local promotional products vendor). That was a huge hit. It not only helped boost our sales but clients were thrilled with the gift and bragged about it to coworkers and neighbors which brought us additional referral customers.

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