Making a Difference in Someone’s Life

There are little ways and big ways of making a difference in someone’s life.  More likely than not, there’s someone you can immediately call to mind who has impacted you and really made a difference in your life, whether it happened recently or even back during your formative years.

There are definitely certain individuals in my life who have made a big difference for me and in this five-minute video, I tell the story of how one of these people in specific really made a positive impact on my life back in high school and helped shape me into who I am today simply by believing in me and giving me a chance when it seemed that no one else would.

After watching the video, please share a story of your own in the comment forum below about a person you are grateful to for the way they positively influenced your life and made a difference for you.

On Friday, April 5th I will review all the comments and I’ll pick the top three standout stories.  If your story is one of the top three, I’ll send you an autographed copy of Masters of Success and, additionally, if you have a current mailing address for the person who made a difference in your life, I’ll send an autographed copy of the book along with a personal note of recognition to them as well.  A little bit of recognition can mean a lot and, who knows . . . simply bringing to light that you are grateful to them may even find you making a difference in their life.

12 thoughts on “Making a Difference in Someone’s Life

  1. My mother has made a big difference in my life. She always remind me that being a human, we need to respect other people’s times and try hard to never late for any appointments. It became my habits. Whoever worked in Malaysia before, should know that a lot of people always late to meeting, interview, business appointments, etc. But just because I always on time, I got a mentor from Silicon Valley and we are now working on a project.

    My amother influences me a lot. Respect other people’s time.

    1. My 6th Grade teacher told me that if I continued getting strait A’s all through Junior High and High School I could possibly get a scholarship to go to college. It was my first report card with straight A’s . I decided I would get straight A’s from then on because I had 4 sisters and I knew my Dad couldn’t pay for all of us to go to college. I was one of 10 Valedictorians my senior year. I made straight A’s all through Jr. High and High School. I was in the National Honor Society. I had to make A’s to stay in college so I did that too. All because my teacher told me I could do it. I know own a business. Encouraging others make all the difference.

  2. That’s funny about the History Teacher. My High School History Teacher was also a huge influence in my life. My desire to learn more about history has been non-stop, even to this very day. I have participated in Living History Demonstrations at Shiloh National Military Park for over 20 years. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to share with many spectators and park goers my passion for history and CW Artillery. This is a story about someone that inspired me to share their knowledge. Thanks Mr Whittaker (My History Teacher, Franklin Tn. 1978)

  3. I went to college in Mumbai India, ran for General Secretary and University Representative. Well I was told to take back my application for the same. It was heart breaking cause it was by the local bullies of the college and I conceded cause their was a threat to my limbs and bones. I had this lecturer who came up to me and said you know Fabian why should anyone put their life in your hands, what difference you will make in their life. Why should anyone trust you. Words that have been etched in me. I grew from those early days to working with WWI (Direct Selling Maxi,ized) a direct marketing company grew to be region head, been on various committees, elected president to ABVPS, associate of three spiritual organizations and never forgot those words… Trained and taught direct marketing in a span of 12 years to youngsters freshers to believe in themselves always think and do out of the box. Created 43 branch heads earning an income of INR 1.4 to 1.8 million per year. One man can make a difference. Joshua the lecturer was one smiling soul. lived a short life. always remembered,
    He made that difference,,,, that changed my life, instilled the courage to follow the sentence Let not the fear strike you out from playing the game.

  4. When I was 8 and half years old I started to take martial arts. By the age of 9 I was even getting pretty good. The martial arts instructor and the way of the martial arts changed my life for the positive. It is funny at first I was afraid to fight then as I got good at the martial arts I know that I could fight and was good at it. Then my problem was because of my mother and my instructor I did not want to hurt anyone. Then one day I was outside playing in the park and my mother saw this kid picking on me and she said. She then yelled out of the 5th floor window of our apartment building in the projects “boy if you do not kick that boy’s blank, blank I will beat your butt myself when you get upstairs.” That was the day that I put the teaching of my martial arts instructor and my mother together. It was an eye opener for me I understood the Asian world, the American world and the world of living in the inner city. It was a great lesson and I have also continued my martial arts training and my overall learning. I also learned that life is about balancing things on a regular basis most of the time. If one thing is off so are others.

  5. Years ago when I first came to California from New York, I had an awful time trying to find steady and satisfying work with enough income. I counseled with a spiritual advisor who suggested that my wife and begin tithing. At the time it was the hardest thing to do since we hardly had enough income to pay our bills. But we took a brave step forward and decided that whatever meager income came into to us, we would return to God through church and charity 10% and we would do this even if we could not pay our rent, and utilities because of this decision.
    Within two weeks I secured a decent job at a major bank with a small but respectable and growing salary. That was 32 years ago. We still tithe to this very day. There have been many job changes since then, but I have never been with work during all this time.

  6. In my life there are a few people who have made ​​a significant difference. The first person is my mother from whom I learned a lot, then my first teacher and my math teacher. But in this article I want to talk about a special person who really made a difference in my life. After a long job of 20 years in a telecommunications company, I decided to leave the position of manager and start my business in insurance field. In less than two years I have failed in this area, largely due to my lack of communication and networking skills with people. Then I decided to take it from the beginning, this time in an area that I enjoy and that until that moment I considered that only only hobby: web design and online marketing. At that time I met a wonderful person, Adina Dogaru, who told me that I’m a strong person and that I will achieved what I wanted in my life. Beyond words, it is more than that, it’s about trust and positive energy that helped me to raise up, let me regain my confidence and start to become the person they I want to be. Adina, I want to thank you for the time spent together and I want to express my gratitude in this way. Sincerely, Cristina Carmen Dascalu

  7. The older brother of a former boyfriend of one of my sisters changed my life. He owned an advertising agency. He was a dwarf. When I first saw him it was a shock. Irwin was in a wheelchair. He could not push himself. His face was a bit twisted. He could not feed himself. He drooled a bit.

    I was a 16 year old girl. I’d never seen anyone like Irwin. After a few minutes I left the room. I went to my bedroom. I sat on my bed, angry with myself for not being able to stay in the room with Irwin. I remembered that my mother told me to not judge a person according to how looked,

    I went back into the room with Irwin. Then I talked & talked to him. He was so smart. And he thought I was smart. We started a writing relationship that lasted three years. He told me not to try to use such big words because I was smart enough as I was. He told me I filled his heart with love. I love Irwin for his courage, for his accomplishment and his open heart. I felt he was the first person to acknowledge my intellect and to believe in me as I was. We wrote until Irwin died at 33 of pneumonia. I still have his letters from 50 years ago.He is still alive in my memory and my heart.

  8. When I was a student at a Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia, I was studying math and biology. I found a place where I could learn about medical careers and met an amazing woman. At the Bradley Free Clinic, Estelle Nichols Avner has been the Executive Director since they started offering Free Health Care in 1974 until today. She encouraged me back in 1984 to spend one evening a week to help provide free medical, dental, and pharmacy care to the Roanoke Valley’s working uninsured, the temporarily unemployed, and their families using 100% volunteer healthcare professionals.
    At this free clinic, every dollar donated results in $4 worth of direct care for patients. Since its inception, the clinic has provided medical and dental care and medicines valued at more than $50 million. Estelle opened my eyes to how compassion and respect are fundamentals to “paying it forward”.
    Twenty five years later, Estelle did a reading at my wedding and I am an avid volunteer to this day because a very special woman showed me how one person can make a real difference. For that, I am grateful.

  9. Hi Ivan, First, I love following you. I see you as a wonderful person with harted values and head on your shoulders. I was raised Internationally and at many times when living the 5 stars hotels, castles,… I would hide food, soap, pens,… to give to the poor. It’s always been in me to make a difference and could share multiple amazing stories about it. Once in the communist days of Romania, I had a wonderful interpreter women that was following me. She presented to me her blind 5 year old son. I would sit beside him and sign many songs that his face rejoiced. For many years at Christmas I sent him musicale instruments. TamTam, Piano,… Today over (20 years later) he is participating in important musical orchestras,.. and is having a wonderful life as a musician and signer. What a wonderful feeling! =0)

  10. Thank you very much for books and also I want to send you special thanks from my friend Adina, who was pleasantly surprised. I wish you a wonderful life. Sincerely, Cristina Carmen Dascalu

  11. As a teacher for over 3 decades, and now a coach at ActionCOACH, I believe there are hundreds of stories I could share. The thing I want to share is the the saying that I coined with one of my coaches over 5 years ago-‘your work, is my work, is our work’.
    This phrase sums up the gifts and passion I feel about our mission here on earth. Our innate sense of belonging is supported by our communities when we are willing to be open to the support and love.
    Dr. Misner, I remember meeting you last February at the BEF in Houston and felt the pride and honor for you and the work you have done across the world. I am now a proud member of BNI and want to thank you for your design of the organization that also bears this philosophy.

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