Make a Resolution You Can Keep for 2016

newyearsThe new year is always a time when people choose to make resolutions to make positive changes in their lives. In general, people’s resolutions tend to fall flat, and I know we’re all guilty of taking up a resolution and dropping it by the end of January.

For 2016, you should consider making a resolution that is not only realistic so you’ll be more likely to keep it, you should also consider making it something that can help you grow your business. Here are three resolution ideas, and how to keep yourself motivated to complete them (if growing your business isn’t enough motivation, that is).


At least once a quarter, attend a networking event where you don’t already know everyone

And, to top it off, make it a point to get to know the people you don’t already have connections with. How else are you going to grow your network in 2016? You have to put yourself out there!

Need motivation? At the beginning of the quarter, post on your social media that you are looking for events to attend. As your current contacts suggest events in their circles to you, make plans to attend some and ask your contact to hold you accountable. Having someone to ensure you attend the event can be enough to motivate many people.


Make a plan and keep it

This refers to a budget, a hiring plan, and an end goal for where you’d like to see you and your business by the end of 2016. You should spend the first couple weeks of 2016 making this plan, and perfecting it. Above all else, make sure that your plan is something that you will strive to complete, but is also doable.

Need motivation? Set measurable and attainable goals for deadlines throughout the year, and when you reach one of those goals at or before deadline, reward yourself. Go see a movie, have your favorite meal, spend time with loved ones – whatever you can promise yourself that you will work toward.


Keep your focus

As I’ve said numerous times before, keep your work at work and your personal life at home. So many of us are guilty of bringing work home, or daydreaming about weekend plans at our office. Keep these things separate and maintain your focus in 2016 – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Need motivation? The quality time with your loved ones, the improved productivity at work, and the cleared peace of mind should be more than enough motivation.


What are you resolving to do for 2016? Share with me in the comments below!

One thought on “Make a Resolution You Can Keep for 2016

  1. I resolve to achieve the following in 2016

    1. Financial Freedom this Year Personally for my Family
    a. Focus on Long Term Passive Income Generating Assets
    b. Quality Time with the Family
    c. Atleast one outing every alternate month with Family
    2. 31 Crore of business from all my group companies
    a. 5 Cr from Software
    b. 10 Cr from Consulting
    c. 2 Cr from Services
    d. 14 Cr from Land Development
    3. My work place will be the happiest place to work
    a. I will ensure my employees have fun and love the role they are assigned for
    b. I will also ensure that they are recognized for even smallest milestones achieved
    4. Personal Development
    a. Attend one training every month
    b. Hear to One Success Series CD every Day
    c. Read a Book Every Week
    d. Practice Delivering Effective Seminar on Road to Success
    e. Exercise for 30 mins and Meditate for 30 mins

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