Do What You Love & You’ll Love What You Do

What is currently the single hottest, most profitable business you could possibly get involved with? . . . There’s only one right answer and it is this: whatever you’re passionate about.  That’s right–the specific answer will vary from person to person but the basic answer will always remain the same; follow your passion and you can’t go wrong.

In this video, I talk about how powerful and fulfilling life can be when you make your living following your passion.  I also discuss why following your passion can play a huge part in cultivating long term success and how if you don’t love the business you’re in, you will never have sustained success in your business.

So, what are you passionate about?  Even more important, how did you begin following your passion or how do you intend start following your passion?  Please share your thoughts below . . . I’d love to hear your story!

4 thoughts on “Do What You Love & You’ll Love What You Do

  1. Long ago just trying to help out an older professor who was distraught and in need of help finding some very important papers! VERY REWARDING!! The seed was planted…felt SO good!

  2. This is so simple yet so powerful for anyone to be successful. WorkMatterz helps people explore what motivates them and what they are passionate about. Our tagline is we help you make your work matter. I come across so many people regularly who feel they are in a wrong profession or their work is a drag, and they are not enjoying what they are doing. Thanks Dr. Misner for this wonderful piece. I have personally followed this and have enjoyed all my work throughout my life.

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