Leverage Your Achievements for Greater Success

Success may be a lasting accomplishment; however, the thrill of success is transitory – much of the joy is the journey. Once it’s over, we often begin to wonder, “What’s next?” This feeling of emptiness is a cue for us to step up and get ready for the next level because success goes on as long as we keep building new steps.

We graduate from one level and then, equipped with what we’ve learned, we go on to new accomplishments in the next level. Each accomplishment becomes something we can stand on to reach even higher. We can leverage our success.

Small successes can add up to major leverage.

Each experience, each skill we’ve learned or honed, each new technology that we have adopted multiplies the results of our efforts. The achievements that we leverage can be our own, or they can be those of other contributors in a team effort. People who work alone against tall odds to accomplish what others might consider mundane achievements often end up amassing powerful capabilities. However they are combined, the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts if used to full effect.

The resources we find most useful as levers depend on both our immediate, and our long-term, goals. Many are specialized and may be closely identified with a particular field or profession or industry. Trial lawyers, politicians, and motivational speakers cultivate forensic skills, the ability to sway audiences. This is a vital resource that can be transferred from one project to another, even in different fields. The same goes for marketing skills, management expertise, and most leadership skills. The more success we have achieved, the more easily we can apply these resources toward achieving new ends.

As a lever, success is also portable to others. We can use it to help ourselves reach our own goals, and we can also help our associates, friends, colleagues, family members, and perhaps worthy strangers, reach their goals. Success contains many valuable and transferable components such as: experience, skills, wisdom, insight, confidence, enthusiasm, energy, money, reputation, sometimes just the outsize influence of fame. These assets can be mobilized in pursuit of different ends, including the needs of others. All that is necessary is to choose a worthy goal and turn the momentum of success in a new direction.


Networking is a structured system for leveraging success and thereby sharing its benefits. Helping others achieve their goals not only leverages a person’s success for the benefit of others, it also brings the leverage full circle: what goes around comes around. Although it springs from an initial good given without expectation of recompense, an altruistic act for a network contact accrues social capital. The benefits provided eventually come back to the giver. I call this the Givers Gain® philosophy and it is the principle Core Value of BNI®, the organization I founded in 1985.

The ultimate leveraging of success is the philanthropy of those whose accomplishments have made them rich and who look for ways to give back to individuals who have helped them and to the community that nurtured their success. Their rewards come not in the form of superfluous money or fame; they come in the prosperity of those they help, and in the goodwill and approval of the community. This is success of a whole new order – social immortality.

Enjoy the Journey

Wherever you are in your success journey, it is important to remember that the joy really is in the journeyThere will be plenty of times when we not only don’t immediately achieve the success we’re aiming for, we actually end up completely failing at what we were trying to do. That is when it’s crucial to keep in mind what Henry Ford once said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again intelligently.” In other words, the experience we get in our journey to success is truly invaluable, and that experience is what will end up fueling our greatest successes.

Success is a topic that has so many different aspects and perspectives to it and I’d really like to hear your thoughts after reading this blog. Share a story about your journey to success, tell me what success means to you, share the experience you got or the success you ultimately achieved from a past “failure,” or how you have leveraged your success to help others. Thank you.

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  1. success to me too is a journey to reach a destination and not to put full Stop for that journey

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