Learn Teleseminar Secrets from Alex Mandossian

I’ve mentioned my good friend Alex Mandossian in a couple of previous blogs. But in case you don’t yet know who Alex is, he is one of the world’s most respected experts on marketing, and his knowledge, background and track record of unbelievable results are truly amazing.

I’m going to be hosting a free call with Alex on Tuesday, Dec. 1  (4 p.m. Pacific / 6 p.m. Central / 7 p.m. Eastern), which will be a preview for Alex’s Teleseminar Secrets Training Series. I encourage you to call in if you want to learn more about how to boost sales and profits without spending a penny more on advertising.

Alex has generated more than $233 million in sales for his partners and clients via “electronic marketing” such as teleseminars, radio, TV and the internet . . . Listening to a free call with advice from him is, in my opinion, a no-brainer.  It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who can seriously help you grow your business and prosper regardless of economic fluctuations.


One thought on “Learn Teleseminar Secrets from Alex Mandossian

  1. I would advocate all members of the BNI to sign up for this call – why? I have met Alex twice, the last time at THarv Eker’s Guerilla Business Intensive and anyone serious about growing their business, should listen in!

    He is one of the best speakers both on teleseminar and in a conference, and after following their model; I took the jump starting my own business working from home and I can honestly say it was the biggest turning point in my life!

    I have already started one other on-line business due to start in January 2010 and have three other projects underway for 2010! I am already a millionaire in terms of the quality of life I now have for my children, soon to be backed up by becoming a full time millionaire 🙂 All the best to Alex, and since joining BNI three months ago, I have created lifelong business relationships, that has been fantastic! Regards Scott Dwyer.

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