Leadership Is More Than Management

I recorded a video for a BNI® Global Support Team leadership program and thought it would have value for the followers of my blog.

I share two important concepts that I learned while studying under Warren Bennis at the University of Southern California, and also what I learned from a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General.

I invite you to watch this video and share it with your colleagues and fellow networkers.

There is a difference between management and leadership; leadership is MORE than management. Leadership is not about managing and complying. It is about motivating and inspiring. The important thing about Leadership is making a difference.


NOTE: Business Builders is an exclusive educational resource available to BNI Members and Directors.

One thought on “Leadership Is More Than Management

  1. Dear Dr. Misner as DC of over 12 years my continued challenge is not LEADERSHIP but MANAGEMENT. I admire BNi for having 4th absence policy. All chapters have been empowered with accountability policy for minimum participation but only 1 chapter at Bangalore out of 70 has enforced the same to some extent. I would like to hear the story behind the 4th absence policy so that nearing 11k chapters / regions can consider starting participation policy in meaningful manner to better engage the members. Alternatively would like to learn from you as to why we shouldn’t be enforcing the same? With warm personal regards, Anil

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