JT Foxx’s Key to Networking with Millionaires

In this video, I’m talking with my good friend JT Foxx about his ideas on making connections with the wealthy and how to effectively get them to take notice of your business.

JT has some great advice when it comes to the art of networking with extremely successful people who can often be very difficult to network and connect with, and I can say from my own observations of JT’s networking tactics that he certainly walks the walk and has proven time and again how effective his approach really is.

If you like what you hear in the video, be sure to check out JT’s website (www.MegaPartnering4.com) which offers all the details about JT’s upcoming October 2011 event Mega Partnering 4.  This event in Chicago is one of the top, large-scale networking events in the world and brings together some of the most successful people from across the globe to build relationships.

So, what do you think of JT’s ideas?  Have you had success networking with in-demand, successful, hard-to-connect-with people using JT’s tactics or other networking tactics?  I’d love to hear your comments . . .

6 thoughts on “JT Foxx’s Key to Networking with Millionaires

  1. Dear JT and Ivan,

    What a fantastic video! I have found, to my great surprise, that my wife and I know many people who can and are willing to put me in contact with very successful and wealthy clients.

    The main reason for this working, other than being helpful and able to connect with people, is really down to my BNI training:

    1. Be specific. Talk about an exact referral you would like to talk to.
    2. Say why you want to speak to them, so that if your contacts don’t know them, they will know if they know someone else useful to you.
    3. Say why the referral wants to speak to you. If you have a great and unique selling point that demonstrates how much you can help the referral, then people will be only too enthusiastic to give you that referral.
    4. Make sure you’ve made yourself easy to refer. If people know how to refer you, then you don’t need to get noticed. Someone else will get you noticed for you.

    …but there’s one slight hitch… as crazy as it might sound, I haven’t rushed into using those contacts. I have in fact found out that my contact sphere is so good, that I am redeveloping my delivery of service to meet with that list of quality prospectives.

    Just a small example of getting it right: My friend who’s a professional dancer and film actor, says that one of his friends had his artwork ‘liked’ by Dennis Hopper. Not only did his commissioning multiply several fold, but the value of his work tripled overnight.

    Great blog,


  2. Ivan, I agree with John this is one the best video’s you have ever done. JT Foxx is very inspiring. I have heard he is a phenomenal speaker. You should invite him to BNI conference someday.

    Keep up doing these great videos


  3. I totally agree with everything said that is why I am always looking for ways to add value to everyone I meet every day in every way I can.


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