Jordan Adler shares “Why BNI”

Jordan Adler, a superstar from Send Out Cards, shares with me why he joined BNI. [Look for the celebrity that “photo bombs” us in the video].

About 15 years ago, I had just basically signed up with Send Out Cards and I was invited to a BNI meeting. There were only 12 people in the meeting as it was one of the smallest chapters in the United States. When we went around the room to introduce ourselves, I just held up a greeting card and explained what I did. I saw that BNI was a great opportunity to get involved and I joined. . .

Watch the video for the whole story and the celebrity “photo bomb.”

Send a thank-you card

I have recommended Send Out Cards for many years in many of my books. Sending a thank-you card is a great way to follow up with your referral sources.  Always a nice gesture, a handwritten thank-you card makes a great impression, especially in this age of electronic communication. Be sure to write a personalized note that mentions what you’re thanking your referral source for. SendOutCards is a great resource for this. Jordan Adler is absolutely a superstar and we are really pleased to have him and all the other Send Out Cards consultants in BNI. Learn more about Send Out Cards at

Every now and then we get to hang out in amazing places, with interesting people walking by.


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  1. Hey that guy in the background looks familiar! Many years back I first heard of BNI from a customer and got the chance to get involved as a visitor. Fast track to 2020 and I have been an active member and got the chance to learn more about businesses beyond my own scope of work, being Network Education Coordinator and Visitor Host duties under my belt. I have also just signed up to learn about Send Out Card under Jordan’s link, having heard of it many years back and perhaps its not just a coincidence that I will revisit this lovely service via this video interview! Hope I can learn to be a better relationships person, affilitate person and also a better BNI member under his tutelage! I guess its a rarity that a service based profession can generate so many members for the chapters in the US!

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