International Networking Week Video 2013

The new video for International Networking Week® 2013 has just been released!

This short, 11-minute video, sponsored by the Referral Institute, explains how the week of February 4th-8th, 2013 will bring about great opportunities for businesspeople around the world and increase worldwide awareness about the powerful benefits of business networking. International Networking Week® 2013

2013 will mark the 7th annual celebration of International Networking Week which is now recognized by many countries across the globe, with thousands of events being held during the week. One of the main goals of the week is to help businesspeople everywhere build their networking skills and expand the opportunities within their reach.  In the video, my “Room Full of Referrals” co-authors (Tony Alessandra and Dawn Lyons) offer some very valuable pointers on understanding behavioral profiles in a networking context and where to focus your efforts in order to make the most of International Networking Week.

Take a few minutes to watch the video and share with us here on the blog what you learned.

One thought on “International Networking Week Video 2013

  1. Great succinct presentation of a tool that can help optimize the potential in any interaction! This looks very similar to the DISC communication/personality profile assessment, which we have been using in our company for the past 3+ years with great results, both personally and professionally. If anyone is truly serious about taking this information to the next level, I highly recommend taking the DISC assessment as a starting point. You will be amazed at how accurate and insightful the analysis is, and how easy it is to put the information into practice to create immediate results!

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