International Networking Week 2010 Video

I am pleased to announce that the new video for International Networking Week, 2010, is now available on YouTube.  The video was sponsored by Entrepreneur Press and the Referral Institute.  Mark your calendar now.  International Networking Week is the week of Feb. 1 through 5, 2010.  For additional information go to

This is the fourth year for International Networking Week.  It is now recognized by many countries around the world, with thousands of events being held during the week.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you’ll be doing to recognize this week.

2 thoughts on “International Networking Week 2010 Video

  1. This is really good news! 😀
    I retweeted it!
    Hope that we can be succesful and more succesful and : DEFINITELY + QUICKLY

    Wish you a very best holiday, Ivan 🙂

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