I Refuse to Participate in a Recession (Part 2)

Recessions come and go. Statistically, we have one every six years or so. This recession is a serious one. I get that. I also believe that the people who look for opportunities when times are tough will not only survive, they will thrive. I’ve been in business long enough to see it over and over again.

Given the recent developments with the U.S. economy, I thought I would refer my readership to a blog that I wrote back in April of this year, along with a link it to a telebridge recording that was recently done by a friend of mine, John Assaraf, CEO of OneCoach and author of “The Answer.”

Be a “thriver” not just a “survivor” in this recession.

Read my article from April: I Refuse to Participate in a Recession (Part 1)

Then, listen to John’s free telebridge recording: Thriving in a Recession–“What To Do Now.” The first two-thirds of this free call is all about staying focused on success while everyone else is panicking about the economy.

When you are all done, join us in “refusing to participate in the recession!”

5 thoughts on “I Refuse to Participate in a Recession (Part 2)

  1. Hi, Ivan

    I refuse too to participate in a recession. We have to take this opportunity to be a visionnary and learn from all those business and banks GREED. Like we say: “Business is Business”. But business needs to be more HUMAN more eco-conscious and more for the betterment of this earth.

    Lets not remake the mistakes of the 1929 crash.

    Thanks and great success to you.

    Michel Richer
    CEO – Hombyz

  2. I agree. This is a time for entrepreneurs to collaborate, develop strong relationships and help each other even more. Thanks for giving us the tools to do that in BNI!

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