How to Network Your Startup Business

Working in a startup company is completely different than working in an established company. Understandably, it certainly comes with its own unique set of challenges. Founders and employees of a startup need to be conscious of these different challenges. They also need to recognize there are also keys to business success that become even more important when you work with a startup. Business networking for your company is one of those keys.

Here are three ways to effectively network your startup.

1.Host Networking Events

Of course you need to attend business networking events, and… you should also host them. When you attend a business networking event, you will stick in the minds of those who were also in attendance. Ideally, you will make a positive impression on everyone you connect with.

However, when you host an event, the people at the event with whom you connect will remember you, AND so will all the people you invited that were unable to attend. While their impression of you won’t be as developed as those who attended, invitees who couldn’t make it will remember that they were invited, and it will be easier to hit the ground running with them when you finally do make that connection.

2.Follow-up is Vital

A huge part of successful networking is the follow-up after meeting a new contact. You want to let those people you connect with know their time is appreciated and that you want to continue developing that professional relationship with them. When you are working on starting your business, that follow-up becomes a tool of its own.

Your number one priority needs to be growing your business, gaining a positive reputation, and establishing new connections in your industry to help support that growth. When you take time to let people know that you’re thinking of them, whether they are new contacts or older ones, it helps develop those relationships and can keep you moving forward.

3.Lose Some Ego

As professionals, we’re smart. We also need to be confident to succeed in business. However, neither being smart nor confident gives us the right to allow our ego to control our actions. Whatever the reason you’re involved in a startup, whether you are looking to break into a different industry, or you’re on the latest of many new businesses, it’s important to remember that your reputation cannot carry you here.

With a new venture, you need to develop a new name for yourself; you cannot rely on what you have accomplished before. It can help you get part of the way, but you must lose the ego if you want to go far. You need to establish your visibility and your credibility anew as part of the startup.

Have you ever owned or worked with a startup? What advice would you give to those who are just starting out? Share in the comments below

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