How to Invest Your Time & Money for the Highest Return

In this video, I talk about how to invest time and money into your business in the way that will ultimately pay the highest return–education.

Many businesses fail within their first three years of existence because they only pay lip service to education yet aren’t willing to invest the time, effort, and money into learning about how to continually grow and develop in order to achieve the business goals and the vision they outlined for themselves at the start.

The fact is, people who immerse and engage in a culture of learning are much, much more successful than those who don’t. Watch the video now to learn about an action you can take this week that will help you measure whether or not you’re investing enough of your time and money into what will truly help your business earn more and achieve more. 

BobGrowthGraphI’m quite interested in hearing your thoughts on this video, your comments about what you currently do in order to invest in educating yourself to build your business, and also your results from carrying out the action item I explain at the end of the video.  Please leave your feedback regarding any or all of these things in the comment forum below, and for the first ten people who add to their comment where Bob makes his cameo appearance (and get the answer right) during the video, I’ll send them a surprise gift that will most definitely help them invest in their networking education!  (Note: To ensure you receive your gift, please e-mail your name and complete mailing address to with the subject line “Bob.”)  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

14 thoughts on “How to Invest Your Time & Money for the Highest Return

  1. Great piece! Thank you. The other part of that is taking action once you have that knowledge. Look at it like this collecting building materials, and collecting more and more and more is a waste of time if you never use any of and start on the structure it is all for.

    Have a great day and Labor Day weekend.


  2. I loved having joined BNI it made me open my eyes and started learning again. I am working through the book 29% solution and loving it. I also am going through several steps currently learning about business having becoem a finalist in a business plan competision. Oh and bob was hiding inside Dr Misner’s pocket

  3. Education is a very important for me o keep me have a good and constructional thinking. I use around 20% of my spare time for learning. But i do invest more time to apply what I have learn to my work as well.

    P.S.: Hey Bob, how come you just pop up on Ivan’s shirt at 3:10?

  4. It’s nice when you are able to reach back and apply something you’ve learnt in the past, especially when you were unsure of how valuable the piece of knowledge was at the time. Bob is on your shirt pocket at 3:10

  5. I remember my broker talking about the difference between working in the business and working on your business. Bob appears on your shirt pocket at the end of the video.

    A friend, a travel agent, has a stuffed animal, a monkey names Marco, and he travels with her clients. We took Marco to the Dominican Republic and is in our photos.

  6. I think that the future investment is a long-term strategy, and it’s really useful in the future especially when companies you are having trouble. But it is important above all is that you have to accept the initial cost. Everything it has its price.

  7. Put your money where your mouth is – we have two ears to learn with and one mouth to use when we’ve learned something good to share. I like to learn, almost to a fault. Add up the money and time invested in training, and ensure you put what was learned into practice to make training a solid investment. My first time seeing Bob is today, right on Ivan’s shirt.

  8. Bob is in the front pocket. 3.10 hahahahha
    Great way to engage readers to stay and watch the entire video. Well creative way for engagement. Invest in education and knowledge use it wisely.

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