How to Become a Networking Catalyst

I am the first to admit that I am not a mechanic. When I was a boy, my father (who could fix just about anything) took me out to the garage one day and said, “Son, you’d better go to college because you’re never going to make a living with your hands.” Well, Dad was right, and that was great advice. I think things have worked out pretty well with his suggestion.

Fully acknowledging my lack of skills as a mechanic, I can, however, tell you how a catalytic converter relates to networking for your business.

The definition of a catalyst is an agent that initiates a reaction. In networking, a catalyst is someone who makes things happen. Without a catalyst, there is no spark, and very little gets done or changes.

What would it take for you to become a catalyst for your business and your network? You need FOUR things: initiative, intention, confidence and motivation.

4 Keys to Become a Catalyst

Catalytic people don’t sit still–they make things happen in all aspects of their lives. As networkers, they stay alert for a problem that needs solving, then spring into action, reaching out to someone from their network to help solve the problem. They operate with a “get it done now” mentality.

Catalytic people operate with intent, and they are goal driven. As networkers, catalytic people have both business and networking goals. They take time to learn the goals of others so they can help people get where they wish to be.

People who are catalysts have confidence in themselves, and they have confidence in the players on their team. This helps to ensure that the task at hand will be accomplished with stellar results.

Catalytic people are not only motivated themselves, they also inspire others to perform at their highest potential. These people excite others to contribute, sharing their energy and excitement through their words and actions. They are motivated by personal and professional rewards that they are eager to share with others, and they sincerely want to help others succeed.

If you want to set your network in motion toward helping your business, make it your goal to become a catalytic person. Think of your network as a row of standing dominoes. Each domino will remain standing until you act upon the first domino. Remember, catalysts take action. Tap the first domino to watch the chain reaction of moving dominoes. Your network is standing in place, waiting for you to set the pieces in motion.

What if you are looking at your rows of dominos and realize there are some gaps that will disrupt the chain reaction? Or perhaps you don’t have as many dominos (networking partners) as you thought you did. To become a networking catalyst, you first need to have a sufficiently populated and diverse network. Connect with potential referral partners and invest time and energy to develop mutually beneficial relationships that broaden your network.

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  1. I m student and not idea how to reach different a great people who achieve many more success but this BNI help to me and i promise to myself I am Connected to many people.
    thank you

  2. I love the ideas and 4 keys of being a catalyst and iam sure this help me to move forward in the business.

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