How Do the Master Networkers Do It?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously interested in networking. And if you’re interested in networking, then you’ll want to know about a fascinating international survey that was conducted recently.

Two thousand business professionals from all over the world were asked about their views on what contributes to social capital and what makes an effective networker. I discuss the survey results in my latest show on yourBusinessChannel, which you can watch here.

One of the most interesting things to come of the survey was a list showing the top 10 traits of successful networkers, ranked in order of their perceived importance to networking. The list clearly shows that successful networking requires a concerted effort over years to build social capital. It’s a long-term strategy.

Here are traits 10 through six (To hear the top five traits, watch the show here.)

10. Master networkers never miss an opportunity. They constantly busy themselves managing their contact database, passing on business cards, setting up meetings and whatever else they can do to work their network.

9. Master networkers are sincere, and they let other people know it by giving them their undivided attention when they are speaking.

8. Master networkers enjoy helping others whenever they can. This doesn’t just mean referring business–it’s the little things, too. Like helping someone move to a new office or sending on a news clipping that might be of interest.

7. Master networkers always thank people who have done something for them. They understand that showing gratitude is not only courteous, it cultivates relationships.

6. Master networkers are never off duty. Networking comes so naturally to them that they gladly seize every opportunity, whether it’s a networking meeting or the line at the grocery store.

6 thoughts on “How Do the Master Networkers Do It?

  1. Greetings from Glanmire, Cork, Ireland,

    I’ve just come from subbing at a BNI meeting. [I’m considering whether to invest in membership.]

    Your books were on the table at reception. I made a note to get one. You are new to me. Clearly a person from whom I can learn and gain.

    Thank you for an arresting post. Clever the way you tease me withholding the top 5 traits, ensuring I click on your video. Fair and friendly, I say.

    I’m guessing what I’m going to find. Let me agree fully with you when you introduce networking at a long term strategy, a lifetime journey I’d say.

    Keep it up.


  2. I was debating whether or not to go to yet another network meeting this morning. (Number 5 or 6 this week). Your article was what I needed to remember that I should go to all and every meeting I can get to. You never know who will be there and who you can help or connect with.

    Perfect timing on the article. Thanks!

  3. Ivan, I especially like that you refer in item #8 to the fact that it is often “the little things that we do for one another that can make a big difference”. Networking is about so much more than just referring business!
    My best, Donna

  4. Thanks for the great stuff
    #2 there is plenty networking events for free or 20 bucks
    and most important follow up asap ,
    I’m networker for the last 10 years ,it takes a few months to connect well and the other to realize that your serious and not just another B.S. just asking for cards,
    now after 10 years its wonderful how the garden is growing
    I need help with a good crm system to organize and stay in touch with my 10000 contacts
    willing to chat with any one

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