Health Update – November

I would like to share an update on my health situation . . . I have some fairly good news. Since my last update, the scans seem to be showing a positive change. When I had an ultrasound done earlier this week, my doctor stated that he was having a hard time finding the edge of the lesion. It appears to be less distinct and  much harder to identify.   As these changes have been happening, my PSA level has remained the same. It was rising steadily for the last several years but it has currently stabilized.

I have been involved in a clinical trial using a nutritional concentrate called GC-18000, produced by Dr. John Grinstein from the UK. The extracted molecules from certain plants are thought to have a chemotherapeutic effect on cancer. I have attached a paper (Protocol for Clinical Trial) written by Dr. Grinstein for you to read more about this process. In my case, it certainly seems to be making a difference. My radiologist has been doing ultrasound scanning for 35 years, and he has never seen anything like this before.

I remain hopeful and positive and will share more as time goes on. Thank you for your continued well wishes and support.

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  1. Hello Mr.Ivan,
    It was very encouraging to read about your health update.
    Currently my wife is undergoing chemo therapy treatment in Pune India. Can you share Dr. John Grinstein contact email for consultation purpose.
    Thanks in advance.
    Suhas Marathe
    BNI Prosperity
    Pune Inda

  2. Hi Ivan,
    It’s great that you share this information and your personal story. I was wondering… do you see a Naturopathic Doctor? My BNI Group in Toronto always provides great entertainment, and we are a thriving group. I am the Naturopathic Doctor. Would you be interested in attending our meeting as a visitor? Would you be interested in speaking with me about prostate health and supportive naturopathic measures? I would love to help you spread a valuable message to more men who are at risk, or who have prostate cancer. Sincerely, Tara (please view my website to learn more about me. It would be an honour to speak with you by phone)

  3. Hello Tara. I am under the supervision of the Center for Advanced Medicine which uses a naturopathic metholdology. The center has a bio-nutrionist Ph.D. an, Osteopath, an MD, a Chiropractor etc.

    I’d be happy to talk to you by phone. You can call my office at 909-608-7575 and set up an appointment with my Assistant, Ann. I’m about to start my international BNI Conference next week so it will be a week or two before I’m free to talk.



  4. Hi Ivan, Thank you for responding (and so promptly!). Social medial is so great for spreading important messages and connecting. I am enjoying your blog posts. Glad to hear you are under great great at the Centre for Advanced Medicine. No doubt you are following some excellent supportive recommendations. Have you heard about IV therapy? I look forward to speaking with you when your schedule allows it. And if you ever find yourself in Toronto on a Wednesday, PLEASE come to the BNI Champions Chapter – 6:45-8:30am on Bathurst. How amazing would it be to bring you as my SURPRISE GUEST?! ha.

    1. Tara – Yes, I went through IV therapy for several months. I received (among other things) multiple treatments of glutathione). I am not on that now because I am going through the GC protocol. In addition, I have done many other things I haven’t talked about here on the blog. For example, I had more than a dozen amalgam (mercury) fillings in my teeth removed and replaced with non-toxic substances so as not to add stress to my immune system. This was again, under the direction of the Center.

      At some point, I plan on writing down most of the protocols I have followed and post them here for people to consider.

      Thanks for the invite to your group. I’m currently booked in travels through mid 2014 (yikes)! However, I’m always willing to do a live webcam for a group. Connect with my assistant, Ann, at BNI to set it up.

  5. Thank you for the update Ivan, it certainly is great news. I am sure that your regular updates are helping so many in similar situations to yourself. They are also reassuring so many of us that care about you, who would otherwise have no way of knowing your progress. I look forward to the next positive news!
    Michele xx
    BNI Black Country UK

    1. Thanks for asking Jennifer. I continue to be in remission. My PSA has gone up recently and I’m investigating but everything has been going well for the last several years.

  6. Hi Ivan,
    Hope you are well.

    My dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has recently learnt about your story and using a nutritional concentrate. Given your post was published in 2012 I’d like to ask if you could share more information about using this concentrate. Has it been confirmed effective? I’d appreciate your comments and/or pointing me out in the right direction. My dad lives in Poland and he is ready to fly to dr Grinstein for a consult. The problem is that in last month or 2 (since the diagnosis) my dad has spoken to many doctors and there is a lot of conflicting advice. Apologies for a direct question. I’m just trying to check if there is any point for him to fly to the UK. Appreciate your help. Chris

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