Create an Identity for Your Business

Creating a strong and distinct identity for your business is of paramount importance in today’s competitive landscape.
Your business identity goes beyond your logo and brand colors; it’s about the image you project, how you position yourself, and the lasting impression you leave on your target audience. Jeff Davidson, the author of “Marketing on a Shoestring,” aptly notes that we are living in the age of the image, and the impact of your business’s image is undeniable. Your success, regardless of the size of your business, heavily depends on how you position yourself and what you project.

The concept of positioning was popularized in the early 1980s by Al Ries and Jack Trout. They astutely pointed out that in today’s over-communicated society, very little communication actually takes place. To break through the noise and create a lasting impression, a company must create a unique position in the minds of their target audience, recognizing that the most effective communication occurs when optimally placed and timed.

Being the “first” is one of the most effective ways to establish a position in someone’s mind. Think about Neil Armstrong – he was the first person to walk on the moon, a fact that is universally recognized. However, try naming any of the astronauts who walked on the moon during subsequent NASA missions, and you’ll likely draw a blank. This demonstrates the power of being the first – it’s memorable and enduring.

When you effectively position your business, you save time and resources because your message is clear and others quickly understand what your company represents and offers. Every networking encounter, advertisement, message, employee, and every square inch of your office space should contribute to delivering a consistent and memorable theme to your target market.

The identity you develop for your business should be unique and tailored to your specific goals and values. You might aim to become a leader in a burgeoning industry or a compelling alternative to the established giants. Your business might be known for being open 24/7, or it could be an exclusive, by-appointment-only establishment. In today’s fast-paced, swiftly changing, and highly competitive environment, creating a distinctive identity isn’t just a choice; it is a necessity for survival and growth.
Positioning can help you create an identity and maintain a secure spot in the minds of those you wish to serve.

Start by Answering Three Fundamental Questions

  1. What You’re Going to Be
    Define your core purpose and values. What is your business all about? What do you stand for, and what are your long-term goals?
  2. What You’re Going to Offer
    Be clear about the products or services you provide. What makes them unique or better than the competition? What problems do they solve for your customers?
  3. To Whom You’re Going to Offer It
    Identify your target audience. Who are the people or organizations that will benefit the most from what you offer? What are their needs, preferences, and pain points?

Once you have a clear vision of these aspects, you can begin crafting your business’s identity. This identity should permeate every facet of your business, from your marketing materials and website to your interactions with customers and employees. Consistency is key.

Immerse yourself in learning about creating a business identity, brand, and image. Carve out time each day to explore this topic further. There is a wealth of valuable information available online – articles and blog posts, books and courses. The more you educate yourself on the subject, the more equipped you’ll be to define and communicate your business’s identity effectively.

Creating a strong and memorable identity for your business is a crucial element in your journey to success. Your identity sets you apart, communicates your value, and leaves a lasting impression. Take the challenge to delve into the process of identity creation for your business. Start by answering the three foundational questions and dedicating time to research and learning. Within a week, you’ll likely find yourself equipped with a clear answer about your business’s identity that you can confidently share with others.

5 thoughts on “Create an Identity for Your Business

  1. Very good. I am amazed how many people do not know their ideal customer nor do they know how to communicate their vision.
    I was in the same boat I can say that is one of the things that BNI has trained me on.

  2. We have managed to do some significant branding for ourselves. There are at least 3 components:

    1) Part of it came through geographic identity–Easley is the largest city in our county, so a search for “Easley electrician” puts us on top. That’s not always the best, however, as we are trying to focus more on commercial, and we get lots of residential hits. And Pickens County is rural (100K population) compared to adjacent Greenville County (400K+). We’re working on that.

    2) Our motto: “We’ll Never Leave YOU In The Dark!” (created by my wife, by the way! I’m proud of that!) is about electricity/light/power, but even more about 3 of our strengths: dependability, troubleshooting/problem-solving, and COMMUNICATION! The last one is particularly relevant–I’ve heard many times more than once–“You’re the 4th electrician we called, and the 1st one who showed up!” And we try to keep customers apprised of the status of jobs, send out Thank-You notes (handwritten), and admit when we’ve messed up. Good communication has brought back customers we by all accounts should have lost!

    And that motto is almost as well-known to our chapter members as “Givers Gain” is to BNI at large–last week, when I was absent, I had my sub state the he was representing me with Easley Electric Inc. and their motto is…. He was impressed that the chapter KNEW it well enough to recite it back!

    3) We had the web design firm in our BNI chapter (www, re-do our website a year ago. It came out extremely professional, and we are pleased with it. Tim Joiner, the co-owner, was my sponsor in BNI, and he has 3 members of his firm in 3 separate chapters. He states that his ROI on BNI, documented over 3.5 years with the 3 members, is 10:1. [That’s not as great as a member I met at the conference in Savannah who stated that his HVAC company in Savannah had gotten $90K in business in 2 years direcly attributable to BNI!–but still it IS a GREAT ROI!]

    Thanks, Dr. Misner and BNI for raising the bar!

  3. Hi

    I am a trainer in financial management and would offer training in “understanding profit and loss statement, Balance sheet and cash flow statement” to business owners/members of trade associations”


  4. Hello,

    Thank you for bringing up such a great topic as I have wrestled with this for some time. I am an independent, representing two different companies that work very similar with a common ease, theme and cause. Here is my challenge. In BNI and Chambers of Commerce, they require you to represent one company name or profession, One is Viridian Energy, where we bring affordable, green energy to the public for less money than the utilities. Everybody wins! It saves them money while saving the planet. 25 times greater than recycling. The other is Watchdog Consulting where we save people money on their trash disposal cost through multiple years of experience and group purchasing negotiations; again saving them money while also saving the planet. Everybody wins. While at networking events I do not want to confuse people so I have branded myself as Environmental Saving Solutions. This encompasses both, and is easier to navigate a conversation without confusing my audience.

    Kevin Keith
    “Gateway to Success Chapter” Charlton MA

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