Have a Positive and Supportive Attitude

The First Law of Notable Networking: Have a Positive and Supportive Attitude

Good networking involves providing a positive and supportive environment to other business people.  Remember this: Notable Networking is predicated upon the concept that Givers Gain®

If you freely give business to others, they will give business to you.  This concept is based on the age-old notion that “what goes around, comes around.”  If I give business to you, you’ll give business to me, and we will both do better as a result.  Networking is like a savings account: if you keep investing wisely, you can draw upon it when you need it.  One enthusiastic networker who belongs to a formal networking group told me, “The longer I’m in the group, the better I get at networking and the more referrals I get.  In addition, it seems that the more referrals I get, the higher the percentage that I close!  By developing long-term relationships, I am gaining the trust of the other members, which makes it easier to receive and close the referrals that are passed to me.”

A positive, supportive attitude also includes the way you present yourself to other people.  Everyone likes to do business with an enthusiastic optimist.  If you join a networking group, remain focused on the reason you’re there.  I see far too many people go to networks and get caught up in the irrelevant nitpicking: “The food’s no good,” “The speaker was mediocre,” “This room’s not very nice,” and so on.

With the quibblers, I share this anecdote: An airline attendant once responded to a passenger’s complaints about the quality of his dinner by asking him, “When you go to a French restaurant, do you usually order an airline ticket?”  The same rationale applies to networking meetings.  The quality of the food and the speaker should be secondary to the quality of the contacts you are making.  Don’t lose sight of your purpose.

It’s not Net-Sit or Net-Eat, it’s Net-WORK!  If you want your network to work for you, then you have to work your network in a positive and supportive manner.

In many ways, the First Law of Notable Networking involves more than attitude; it’s a way of life and a good way to do business.  When you constantly and consciously keep other people in your mind, they will do the same for you.

I’ll be posting about the Second and Third Laws of Notable Networking over the next couple of weeks so be sure to check back if you want to learn even more about how to succeed as a networker.

*Can you think of a person in your network who exemplifies the First Law of Notable Networking?  If so, take this opportunity to carry out the First Law yourself and showing them your support by recognizing that person in the comments section below.  Tell us who they are and what they do that makes them such a shining example of this First Law of Notable Networking.

8 thoughts on “Have a Positive and Supportive Attitude

  1. Dr Leslie Stoklosa is an exemplary Notable Networker! She displays a positive and supportive attitude and she is continuously in networking ‘mode’. She is an awesome role model to her fellow BNI partners!

  2. I would like to recognize Sarah Elder of Divorce with Dignity, for her positive attitude and contributions to the members of our Chapter and our Chapter as a whole. She is the Notable Networker that came to mind when I read this piece. Good Job Sarah!

  3. May I mention two people?
    Robert de Souza from BNI Southern Cross chapter is the quiet Gentleman always willing to help and he has worked hard for the chapter. He is always positive and makes a solid contribution to chapter success.
    A Networker of impressive stature is Jurgen Bamda Hansmann – a photographer with great skill in BNI Number One Chapter. He really networks effectively and if asked for a referral will work tirelessly to find one for you.

  4. I would like to give kudos to Amy Head with Cobb Success Masters. She is always encouraging and under her leadership last year as president, her chapter doubled it’s membership! She has fantastic energy and it is contagious.

  5. I would like to recognize Randy Arthur from Gainesville, FL’s Green Machine. He really walks the walk and constantly and consciously keeps other people in mind; genuinely lives the givers gain philosophy. I am proud to know him.

  6. I know Bob Burg is a great networker. As he has the same concept in his teaching, givers’ gain. His book is The Go-Givers. And Dr Ivan is a great example of a great networker.

  7. I would like to recognize Dr. Jon Abaquin of BNI EAgles chapter in the Philippines. He is new in tye chapter but he never fails to be noticed everywhere he goes. He does a superb job networking in and out of chapter activities

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