Has Anyone Ever Tried to Bribe You?

We all have core values that resonate in our lives. Our personal values are important to the way we live and work. These values will be stable throughout our lives and typically will not change based on a particular situation. 

 In this short video, I share the story of one of the first times I had to choose to be true to my values in a work situation and what I did when someone offered me a bribe.



Staying True to My Values

The attempted bribe 40 years ago that was worth many thousands of dollars began a series of circumstances that led to me starting BNI® which has allowed me to help businesspeople around the world generate over $100 Billion USD worth of business for themselves since BNI began.

I believe that if you live your values, you live a life of abundance.  

How have your values helped you in business and in life?


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