Grow Your Network by Making People Feel Welcome

In this brief video, Australian networking master Paul Lomas shares some ideas with me about making people feel welcome when they arrive at networking meetings and events. He also gives a very useful tip on how to give a great response when someone asks how you are doing in order to create an opportunity for positive, genuine connections.

The video emphasizes the importance of the visitor’s experience to a networking group and how it can very significantly shape their choice regarding whether or not to return to that group.  Sometimes it can be much too easy to get comfortable in networking groups and neglect visitors.  For that reason, I urge you to watch this short video because it’s a great reminder of just how important it is to genuinely make visitors welcome in order to grow your network and make your networking group as successful as it can possibly be.

Do you have any good tips or stories about how you or others in your networking group make others feel welcome?  Please share them in the comments forum so others can learn from your tactics for successfully meeting, greeting, and making visitors feel at home.

2 thoughts on “Grow Your Network by Making People Feel Welcome

  1. Very true. Always come to the meeting with a smile in your heart that shows on your face. Share that smile and feeling with your guest. Make everyone feel welcome from pre-meeting, meeting start, during the meeting and after the meeting is finished.

  2. I totally agree to Mr.Paul. I have a friend who always greets everyone with a great smile and nice words which are audible. I started following him and results were mind boggling.

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