Great News on my Health

As many of you know who follow my blog (regarding my health), I have been diligently working to regain my health for the past 9 months.  I would like to give you another update, the best one yet!  Recently my urologist requested PCA3 Assay test to determine the likelihood that I would once again have a positive biopsy.  This is a new test just approved by the FDA.  My doctor was intrigued with the “fading” quality of the lesion as seen the in color Doppler ultrasound scans once I started the GC-18000 protocol with Dr. Grinstein in the UK.  Dr. Grinstein’s protocol had a swift and dramatic impact on the disease.

The results of the PCA3 Assay test came back last week with a low score (far lower than the urologist expected).  The physician told me it seems that I am in remission!  This was certainly great news to get as we started the holiday season. I personally attribute this shift to the dietary and lifestyle changes I have made under the supervision of  Dr. Mark Labeau with the Center for Advanced Medicine, as well as to the work of Dr. John Grinstein.  Dr. Grinstein’s understanding of cellular DNA damage and repair of that damage through plant-molecular biology has been extremely beneficial.

Feel free to contact them if you know someone with similar health issues.

I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year and a very healthy and successful 2013 to us all!

39 thoughts on “Great News on my Health

  1. Dr. Misner,
    That is GREAT news. Bring in the new year with happiness and joy. Great to see that the new habits you are working so hard on are paying off.


    1. Brian, I’ve been thinking about doing a blog talking about the protocols I followed. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be that interesting. I’ll give it more thought. Thanks.

      1. Ivan, first of all congratulations! Secondly, I think people would be very interested in this topic I’ve gone through a lot of positive health changes myself the last couple years. Good health is a key to success, your example would help people create that positive change now. Which could raise the performance of BNI everywhere. Just a few unsolicited thoughts.

  2. Dear Ivan,
    Great News!!! You definitely know how to inspire people. BNI around the world speaks by itself. However, after knowing the health challenges you are facing, I knew you would access the best within you to revert this situation. Thank you for your example of leadership, perseverence and love.

  3. This great news comes at a time when we all reflect on 2012 and prepare for 2013. Ending a year on a high note for everyone in BNI let’s me know that 2013 brings us all the greatest of possibilities. We get what we focus on. Thank you Dr Misner for you leadership and the great news!

  4. Awesome news! I believe diet (fruits and vegetables) are like medicine to our bodies! Great job on your health committment

  5. Dear Ivan,

    Your end of 2012 news is a joy. What a beautiful way to enter 2013. I have followed your journey and could not be more delighted. On behalf of all your fellow La Verne Trustees, we are absolutely delighted!

  6. Congratulations on such wonderful news about your health! Thank you for sharing with us, too. Happy New Year to you, Beth and your family.

  7. Great News Dr. Ivan… wishing u a Healthy and a great 2013… You have been a great motivating factor for all of us.

  8. Please share the protocol you followed so that we may change the habits of many worldwide prior to health issues. May God bless you and your family forever as you have mine.

    1. Wayne, Kenny – click on either of the “Dr. Grinstein” links above and you can get information on the protocol.

  9. Hi Ivan, I was just referred to BNI by Tom Beal. I have a local publiication in 4- communities. I’m ready to take it to the next level and I have alot to offer local business owners. I also believe that there are no accidents. I’d like to refer you to a friend of mine Jack from Foothill Organic Growers in NewCastle , CA.He has helped 100’s if not thousand of people with cancer,he is not a dotor but he is very knowledgeable. He is a cancer survivor. His number is 916-663-2146. He maybe able to give you some information that can help you. Tell Em’ Shelly sent ya! I wish you the best! Call me when you feel better I’d love to discuss my business ideas on how to help businesses create a shift in the way they see themselves, the World and their Relationships with others.The greatest gift I can share…. is the gift of challenging everyone to look within themselves and find the same power that is contained in all of us!

  10. Hi Ivan,
    Just seen your new health blog and visited the site. I think this is brilliant and will be following it. Having had a kidney transplant 23 years ago I think it important that people are aware of how much they can help themselves with a good diet and a positive attitude..
    I wish you lots of continued good health and thank you for sharing with us.

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