Go the Extra Mile for Networking Success

I am regularly surrounded by people who know that connecting with others to network for their business is extremely important. However, I am often surprised at how many people put very little effort into purposefully strengthening the relationships with the people in their network. The fact is, you need to build strong relationships with the people who constitute your network, and vice versa. You want to be the first name that comes to mind when those in your network scratch their heads and wonder, “Hmmm . . . Whom could I go to with that problem? Who would be a good fit for that referral?”

Going the extra mile provides several ways for you to stand out and be positively memorable with potential referral partners. You want to focus on things that you can do to demonstrate the unforgettable value you bring to the table as a network member. Even though it is business networking and not simply about social relationships, it’s important to acknowledge that people like people who help them. If you help someone, in turn they will want to help you.

Take the Initiative

I recommend that you take the initiative in developing a relationship with someone who could be of help to you in networking your business. Here are some strategies to help you go the extra mile to accomplish this.

1) Be a value-added friend.
First, get to know the people who make up your referral team. Ask questions about their business, about their hobbies and their passions. Help someone achieve their goal. Before you ask what others can do for you, ask what you can do for them.

2) Become a catalyst.
The definition of a catalyst is an agent that initiates a reaction. In networking, a catalyst is someone who makes things happen. Operate with intent. Take the lead and be the person who makes things happen.


3) Find an accountability partner.
This is a person to whom you can be accountable, responsible, and answerable. Have a  video or phone call with your accountability partner every week to discuss how effectively you implement networking strategies and if you meet the goals you set for your business.

4) Volunteer as a way of building visibility for your business.
People need to know, like and trust you in order to refer you to others. People who volunteer demonstrate their commitment to a cause, and to their community, without for concern for personal gain. Volunteering can help you build credibility with your networking partners.

5) Send thank-you cards.
A simple thank-you card may sound small in the big picture of business networking. However, receiving a traditional, handwritten letter or card of gratitude is memorable and shows that you are willing to go beyond an ordinary text or email that says “Thanks.” Sending a thank-you card to your networking partners is a simple, yet powerful, activity.

6) Timely follow-up is extremely important in moving a relationship forward.
If you are not following up when your referral partners call you, or you don’t follow up on the referrals you give to others, you’re not just losing business, you also risk losing credibility. Your follow-up technique will leave a lasting impression – make sure it a positive one.

Going the extra mile with the people in your network not only expresses your sincerity, it also opens the door to accept what the law of reciprocity has to offer to you and your business. Effective networkers invest their time to build deep relationships with the people in their network. They know that seemingly small steps in their business networking activities can add up to extra miles toward their success.



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