So why go to a networking meeting?

You go because networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. Sometimes you go to increase your visibility and to connect with people you have never met. Sometimes you go to establish further credibility with people you know. And sometimes you may go to meet a long-time referral partner and do some business. In any case, the true master networkers know that networking events are about moving through the relationship process and not just about closing deals. Visibility leads to credibility which, with time and effort, leads to profitability.

Your goal at a networking event is to make yourself memorable without talking about yourself. It sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? But, if you know how to do it, you will stand out in people’s minds when they look back on the event. The secret is simply to ask people about themselves and their businesses. In order to make your networking efforts work, you need to embrace a “relationship networking” mentality.

Remember these ten networking tips to make yourself stand out when attending networking events:

  1. Don’t go there to sell, go there to connect.
  2. Have meaningful conversations with the people you meet.
  3. Make yourself memorable.
  4. Talk less and listen more.
  5. Follow up with people you found interesting or who you can help in some way.
  6. Don’t follow up to sell them something.
  7. Don’t show off, show interest.
  8. Meet these people in a one-to-one setting and learn more about them
  9. Ask them: “how can I help you?”
  10. Go for the long-term relationship, not the short sale.

What is the goal of your networking? If it is to build your business, then it’s all about building a relationship with people. Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t try to dazzle them with your brilliance. You can do that later.

Stand out from the crowd and impress them with your genuine interest in them, not your interest in selling to them.

2 thoughts on “So why go to a networking meeting?

  1. Too many people who attend networking meetings are there to push their business card in your face and move to the next person. This will get you absolutely nowhere. The people I love to see again at these meetings are “active listeners”. This means they are not already formulating what to say when you are talking, but they are actually listening to you and reacting to what you say in a meaningful manner. You will learn nothing about their business unless you ask them. This is the skill that I am now trying to hone. Should you come across one of these people, do them the honor of asking about them as well.

  2. Adopt a mutuality mindset when at a networking (or any kind of) gathering, meaning you communicate to discover sweet spots of mutual interest + each other’s top interest to see how you can help each other. Another super power os being specific so you are more credible and memorable in what you say. One priceless benefit of cultivating diverse allies are that you can collectively see more sides of a situation (possible problem or opportunity) and act o make smarter decisions faster

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