“Glimpses of Heaven on Earth”–Improve Your Business & Your Life

In this video I talk to my friend and fellow TLC (Transformational Leadership Council) member, Martin Rutte about Martin’s new book, Glimpses of Heaven on Earth.

Watch the video now to learn about Martin’s ideas on how we can all focus on ten fundamental values and take small, simple, easy, concrete steps on a daily basis to mold our own life into one that mirrors our individual idea of heaven on earth in all aspects from business to relationships to personal purpose and more.

After watching the video, think about what one action you might take within the next 24 hours to move yourself forward with beginning to implement Martin’s strategy for improving your business and/or life in general.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas so please share them in the comment forum below.  Thanks so much and, as always, thank you for watching!

For more information on Martin and his new book, please visit www.ProjectHeavenOnEarth.com.



One thought on ““Glimpses of Heaven on Earth”–Improve Your Business & Your Life

  1. Love Love Love it… Such a cool concept… Reminds me of a recent quote by Ivan… “The power of we, begins with me!!!” Thanx for the great video blog and the introduction to again… a very cool concept in this often troubled world we live in…

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