Want Terrific Networking Results?–Get Specific!

In this video, Michael Mayer, an esteemed worldwide business networking expert from Austria, gives an excellent example that teaches why it is so important to  be specific when introducing your business to others at networking meetings and events.

Watch the video and find out what to say and what not to say when introducing your business in order to get great results from your networking efforts.

On a side note, you’ll also be surprised at what a powerful tool the image of pink socks can be  in helping you to remember that specificity is key . . . I’ve never given much thought to pink socks–in fact, I’ve never really thought about them at all–but  now I think about them absolutely every time I think about being specific!

What do you think about the point Michael makes in this video?  Does it help you think of ways you can improve the way you introduce your own business to other people?  Come back and leave a comment . . .

6 thoughts on “Want Terrific Networking Results?–Get Specific!

  1. Working from a “believe it when I see it” view point, I first believed in “being specific”, when I saw it work in action at a Presentation Skills workshop by Dinah Liversidge.

    From that point on, I was pin-point specific in every networking presentation I made. In the beginning I was laughed at, even told I was foolish! However, after being persistent, the last laugh was my critics. I’m absolutely amazed by the contacts people have.

    “Always Be Specific”

    Kind regards,


  2. Live “Being Specific” commentary:

    I believe in being specific so much that I made a sculpture inspired by the sound waves of a specific famous singers voice, because I would like to sell a sculpture to him.

    Half an hour ago, I spoke to lady at an exhibition who really liked my work and saw this particular sculpture. Unfortunately she doesn’t know this famous singer… but her boyfriend works with him a lot and she would like to help me out – Fantastic!

    “Definitely Always Be Specific”

    Regards, Terence

  3. we do two things in our chapter to train our members to ask for something specific…the international Tabasco award which is given to the member with the “hottest” introduction…which must include a specific ask AND we award the speaker gift to a person drawn from the basket ONLY if that person can tell us what “so and so” person was asking for. The results have been outstanding. We passed 1365 referrals last year…twice the average for a chapter our size.

  4. Allen, I LOVED your tip ! Thank you for this suggestion, I try to put into practice immediately to our nex meeting Friday morning in Sao Paulo !
    I am an Italian expat living in Brazil, and I am since last April the current Chapter Director of BNI ATITUDE, Sao Paulo proudly largest chapter.
    Our chapter board is fantastic, the athmosfere in our meeting is vibrating, and all the members do love our group !
    In 2 years of life we have risen to 41 enthusiastic brazilian members, all loving to participate to weekly BNI 7:00 sharp meeting.
    But…Our main worry toghether our Chapter board is to constantly increase the number of referrals, that we believe are poor. Sfar the referral numbers each meeting never passed 30… So I will apply your suggestion at once and let you know ! Fabio Costa

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