FREE is Good!


In this short video, I talk about the vast array of educational content relating to business and networking offered on and Mary Funk, the Web Coordinator for this online library, announces a code for a FREE six month subscription to the site.

The free subscription is a gift from and all you have to do is enter the code (“freesixmonths”) on to gain access to the entire library of content!  Please note that you will be required to enter a credit card number on the site but you will not be billed for the free six month membership.  You will need to end your subscription if you don’t wish to be billed for the second six months.

Please leave a comment and let me know what type of downloadable content you most like to access on sites like

  • Video?
  • Audio?
  • PDF Articles?
  • Digital Books?
  • Something Else? If so, what specifically?

6 thoughts on “FREE is Good!

  1. Wow! What a great giveaway! Thank you Dr. Misner, and Mary. Going to go get mine right now. Btw Dr. Misner, I was just inducted into a local BNI Chapter here in VA (Hill City Founders) yesterday morning. 🙂 So looking forward to learning and networking. Thank you for your leadership! God bless. ~Jordan

    1. So – Robyn, this was 1 minute long. I’m guessing this is the kind of video you are talkng about? I’m going to be doing several videos a month from now on and it is my goal to keep them all under 3 minutes.

  2. I couldn’t have really asked for a more rewarding blog. You’re ever present to provide excellent advice, going directly to the point for convenient understanding of your subscribers. You’re surely a terrific pro in this arena. Thank you for currently being there individuals like me.

  3. Dr. Misner and BNI are the perfect example of how to build reciprocity into your relationships! Giving value first, creating value for others and themselves in the process. Thank you!

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