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The A-Z of Networking: G is for… by Andy Lopata

Another guest video by Andy Lopata about the A to Z’s of Networking.

This month, Andy Lopata shares his networking tips which begin with the letter “G”

• Generosity
• Global
• Goals
• Gratitude
• Guts

and much more…

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By knowing why you are networking and what you want to achieve, it is possible to plan accordingly and get great, measurable results.

As a business networking strategist, Andy Lopata works with companies on how to use networking tools to develop their businesses. Networking is not just about sales. Whether for lead generation, breaking down silos internally, recruitment and retention of top staff or developing future leaders, networks and collaboration have a key role to play. Andy works with clients to help recognize that role and put the strategy and skills in place to leverage it.

2 thoughts on “The A-Z of Networking: G is for… by Andy Lopata

  1. Thank you, Dr. Misner for sharing this video by Mr. Andy Lopata. Two thoughts come to mind. The first is that gratitude is a part of manners and once embraced, this reveals who you are. The grandparents would always tell us while we were growing up, “Manners carry you through this world.” It was a message repeated by our parents. It was true then, and it continues to be true today. All the people that I have met, even the rude ones, respond to courtesy. The second point is a “G” word that is not explicitly expressed in the video. It is GENIUS. In networking you have to believe in the genius of your idea and what you bring to the table even if others do not yet recognize it. It may not have been discerned because no one had ever thought to present the idea in the format that you have used. So genius is required in believing in the value of your idea, the integrity of it, and how to best time your presentation of it to your new/expanding network.

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