‘Full-Calorie’ Networking vs. ‘Networking Lite’

In one of the previous blogs I published about networking, I mentioned that the networking organization I founded in 1985, BNI® (Business Network International), is structured around weekly networking meetings. In response to that blog post, someone wrote to me saying how much they loved the idea of networking meetings and everything about the concept of business networking appealed to them, but they absolutely didn’t want to have to commit to going to a meeting every week. They proposed that a once-a-month BNI meeting would be much more appealing.

In this video, I detail my response to this person’s proposition of monthly, instead of weekly, networking meetings. I address their suggestion (with a bit of humor) that networkers should have a ‘Networking Lite’ option rather than going for the ‘Full-Calorie Networking’ system.

Suffice it to say, opting for ‘Networking Lite’ has never done anyone any favors. My secret to success in business and life (which I share in this video) has a lot to do with never cutting corners or skimping when it comes to my daily recipe for goal achievement.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this video! Share your experience in weekly networking groups vs. networking groups that meet much less often.  Thank you!

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