Are You Taking Advantage of the Communication Opportunities at Your Fingertips?

In this extremely brief video,  I talk to Roger Green of Applied Transformation, Inc. about the amazing opportunities we have at our fingertips when it comes to communicating through technology.

Not too long ago, it was almost unheard of to be able to connect directly with executives of companies if you didn’t already know them but today, thanks to technology, the communication hierarchy has been virtually flattened and the opportunities this presents are huge.  Are you taking advantage of the capabilities to connect which technology and social media have made a reality?

I highly encourage you to challenge yourself to use technology to reach out to someone you’ve been hoping to connect with yet weren’t quite sure how to gain an introduction to.  I’d love for you to leave your thoughts on what you plan on doing (and whom you plan on connecting with) in the comments section–as I say in the video, I always read the comments on my blog and, also, writing about your plans/goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable. 😉

4 thoughts on “Are You Taking Advantage of the Communication Opportunities at Your Fingertips?

  1. I have committed to stay in better touch with my existing client list. I plan to do this through promo product mailers, blog posts, and phone calls. You are mentioned in my recent blog where I review the things I learned in 2012. One of these things is that networking really works.

  2. Yes, definitely. I use LinkedIn the most compared to Facebook and Twitter to connect with top management. Not only that, I used LinkedIn to connect with international big authors.

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