Five Steps for Getting the Most from LinkedIn

I’ve been following the development of online business networking for several years now; particularly at the inception of sites like and LinkedIn.  That said,  I’d like to state for the record: If you’ve had any lingering thoughts that social media is just a fad, you may want to lose them.

Are you aware that LinkedIn’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) has a valuation of 4.3 billion (USD)?  That’s right, I said BILLION.  If you haven’t been taking social media seriously, perhaps it’s time to start.

While there are indeed many competitors to LinkedIn, it has certainly–for now–risen to the top when it comes to sites devoted primarily to business networking and social media.

In this short video, I offer five valuable tips that will guide you in the right direction when it comes to using LinkedIn and getting the most from the efforts you put into networking online through this particular site.

Do you have additional tips for using LinkedIn, or other networking sites, which you’ve found to be highly effective?  If so, please share them in the comments section so others can learn and benefit from your experience.

9 thoughts on “Five Steps for Getting the Most from LinkedIn

  1. This is all good stuff. But the 6th, and perhaps most valuable key to using LinkedIn, must surely be checking out who your connections are connected with, and asking for introductions. That really makes the difference, I think.

  2. A fellow BNI Belleville member asked for a specific contact at a school to promote his anti-bullying program. I didn’t know the person, but did a Linked-In search and it turned out that one of my contacts was connected to this person. I reached out to him, and he happens to know this contact very well. The three of us have a 1-2-1 scheduled next week to strategize the best way to introduce my BNI colleague to this important contact. Int the interim I have received two great referrals from my BNI colleague! This is a great example of BNI’s philosphy of Giver’s Gain!

    1. Awesome. Indeed every ‘introduce someone to someone is a networking, network strengthening opportunity that many people haven’t even thought of. Well done Jay.

  3. Here is something that makes a difference in building relationships with those you’ve connected with on LI. Send a “nice to meet you on Linked In” card to your new connections. A real card, not an E-card. Sometimes it takes a little investigating to find an address, but sending a card is a nice touch and will make you stand out from the crowd.

  4. The mindset that will help you on LinkedIn more than any other is that it’s an Active sport, not a post & hope (SEO/Website) kind of thing.

    Sure you need a profile that puts up no Red Flags, shows you how you want to be perceived & if job hunting or selling, tells effectively who you are & what you’re capable of.

    Beyond that stop worrying about all the things outside your control like being found, and do the hard yards (which just means take a bit of time & effort) and do three things consistently:
    1. Regularly ask yourself and articulate what you want out of business Networking. Do everything based on this
    2. Research, research, research: Industries, Companies, people. 90% of people don’t do this at all, let alone effectively
    3. Reach out to people in a non-threatening, not ‘all about me’ way, do’t sell anything, just ‘Network’ to start with. Like you’re meeting in person for the first time.

    Times the above with ‘Massive Action’ and you will grow exactly the type of network of people, real people with real relationships focused on how you can help each other, that you want to (see point 1.)

    LinkedIn, Social Media for business, is that simple, that misunderstood.

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