End of Year Reflections

As we approach the end of 2022, I would like to connect with all of you and wish you a healthy and prosperous 2023.                                                                          

As I get older, I have come to realize that no year is perfect. They all come with some “ups” and some “downs.” Some have more of one than the other. This year has had both for me.

One of the most significant “up” moments for me personally, was the realization that BNI®, the business networking organization I founded in 1985, will complete 2022 with 38 years of consecutive growth. Year over year, BNI has grown every year during its history. There are very few companies around the world that can say that.

Today, we are serving over 297,000 members all around the world. We will have helped members generate almost $20 Billion (USD) in Thank You For Closed Business for each other in the past rolling twelve months. The ripple effect of successful chapters around the world can be felt in local communities globally.

I am humbled and honored to still be a part of this organization and I want to personally reach out to members and directors and thank you for your involvement in this amazing organization. I appreciate all of you who follow my blog and I look forward to staying connected with you through social media in the coming year.

Wishing you continued networking success!

9 thoughts on “End of Year Reflections

  1. What a terrific recap and thrilled for you on the massive success of BNI, of which I’ve been involved since 2007. Ivan, I wish you good health and continued prosperity in 2023 and beyond.

  2. Gud mrng Sir,
    V r learning / experiencncing Day by Day…. Week by week ….. since 2 years…. it’s really awesome…. Life long Learning…. Implementing in business….

    Tnq very much sir for the opportunity..

    With reg.

    Ravindra kumar N S

  3. Dr. Ivan Misner, thank you for your message.
    I’m from Brazil and started at BNI last October.
    I’m enjoying so much to be BNI member and the methodology of networking.
    I listed to our BNI SP Olimpo President 10 no financials reasons to be BNI member and one of then is read every day one article in English here in your blog and improving my English study.
    Thank you and I wish a great year.
    I hope that one day you came to our meeting.

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