A New Twist on a Simple Technique to Refer Networking Partners

If you’re a good networker, you know that by looking for ways to refer those in your network and referring them any chance you get, they’ll be anxious to return the favor and you will get more referrals as a result.

This video talks about how my friend Mohammad Favakeh, owner of Monte Carlo Chauffeured Transportation (www.mctlimo.com), has put a new and interesting twist on a technique which I’ve been recommending for years that makes it easy for people to refer their networking partners.

Watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is.  Really–all you need is a simple card file and it’s a great technique for anybody who wants to build their network!

13 thoughts on “A New Twist on a Simple Technique to Refer Networking Partners

  1. Great video with a great message. Mohammad teaches us a great lesson and not just on networking but oh how we view ourselves. He is so much more than a driver and it is obvious that driving and chauffeuring is just a small part/tool of what he does and what he is We should all think of ourselves that way. It is important for all of us to We are so much more than…..

  2. Mohammad reminds us all that such a simple tool can be a very effective way to help those in our network grow their business. The business card file is actually a great conversation starter that can lead to great referrals. Good video!

  3. For those of you at a desk most of the day, the BNI Business Card Caddy is a great thing to have “out” on your desk as you talk to clients. For those of you with waiting rooms, the large BNI Business Card Caddy is a great thing to place on a table.

    Givers Gain in full effect- great job Mohammad! This guy should have his own reality show! 🙂

  4. It really is rare to locate a professional in whom you might have some faith. In the world these days, nobody genuinely cares about showing others the solution in this matter. How lucky I am to have now found a wonderful web-site as this. It really is people like you who really make a genuine difference these days through the concepts they talk about.

  5. People such as Mohammad are the embodiment of BNI and the “Givers Gain” philosophy espoused by Dr. Misner. Congratulations – terrific application of an already-great idea!

  6. Wow! What a brilliant way to expose your business card file, Mohammad.

    I learned another tip from a great BNI colleague i just have to share.
    At the beginning of a business meeting he summarises the meeting plan. He pools up the business card file and says: “This is my network. I’ll get back to this at the end of the meeting.”
    Through out the meeting the card file just layes beside him. When he catches his meeting parter looking at the card file he gently picks it up and hands it over, while he keep on talking about what ever he talked about and without loosing eye contact.
    This way it is handed over in a natural and casual way and he always leaves with one or more referral.

  7. Nice way of displaying card file and its getting referrals without really asking for as and when a customer in the car looks at it. Great idea Mr.Mohammed. Inspiring!

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