Easily Locate All BusinessNetworking.com Videos on You Tube!

Is there a BusinessNetworking.com video blog you would like to view again but can’t seem to locate using the “search” function on this site?

I have great news–each and every educational networking video that has been posted on this site (www.BusinessNetworking.com) can be easily located on my You Tube channel (CLICK HERE to go to the Ivan Misner You Tube Channel)!

There are over twenty videos currently uploaded to the channel and more videos are added as I record them.  If you want to watch the newest videos I record, sometimes even before they’re posted to BusinessNetworking.com as video blogs, you can subscribe to the channel easily and you’ll be notified as new videos become available.

Check out the You Tube channel and leave a comment here letting me know what you think of the content and offer any suggestions on video topics you’d like to see covered.  Feel free to use the embed codes to post the videos on your website(s), use the easy “share” button to share the videos on your social networking pages or via e-mail, and leave comments on the Ivan Misner You Tube Channel page about what you think of the page or any of the individual videos.

I hope you enjoy the channel and find the content valuable–I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think so please send your feedback in as a comment on either this site or the You Tube Channel. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Easily Locate All BusinessNetworking.com Videos on You Tube!

  1. Awesome! I really appreicate being able to find all these in one spot. Networking can be a demanding task so anything that saves time is helpful. Excellent content, as well.

  2. I’m a huge fan of anything Dr. Misner puts out there. This site will be my new “let see what the DR. has to say” lol. The level of prescience he has just blows me away . Dr. Misner is one you want to take seriously for him to leave a trail of how he does it- books, speaking,ect. says alot about his character aswell.

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