Does Business Networking Have a Place in Formal Education?

In this short video, presented by Applied Transformation, Inc., Roger Green asks me about my view on the idea that high cost education doesn’t necessarily prepare students for the real world.

In answering him, I talk about my feelings on where business networking fits into the world of formal education and I share some statistics about the true effectiveness of networking which, to me, are mind boggling; I also tell a personal story about having lunch with the Dean of Business at a prominent university and how his words to me speak volumes about the current position business networking holds in the world of higher learning.

What are your personal feelings on where business networking currently fits into, or currently should fit into, the world of formal education?  Did you study business at the university level?  If so, what was your experience?–Did you receive any education about networking while you were working on your degree(s)?  Please share your thoughts/experiences in the comments section.

5 thoughts on “Does Business Networking Have a Place in Formal Education?

  1. At conference I heard Dr Misner touch on this and it really made me think. I am a full time working mom, an area director consultant with my local BNI region AND I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree at a local private college. The program I am in is specifically designed for individuals like myself – it is incredibly intensive – 5 short weeks from start to finish in each class with few exceptions. In my plan of study that will take me through the end of the summer 2013 there are no courses specifically titled networking, emotional intelligence… However, my experience in this program has shocked me in many ways in that not a single class has gone by that has not included in depth discussion about these “soft” sciences. While I do not see the ways in which the nearby, much larger Illinois State University, business students are being taught I do see a genuine push at my private college (Lincoln College, Normal, IL – ABE Program) to actually prepare students for the real world. Certainly this is driven, at least in part by the fact that we, as students, are already living and working in the “real” world. Still very interesting topic and one I am fascinated to watch. Perhaps I can teach the subject some day at a university?! – ha! I think I still have so much to learn!!! 😉

    1. Melissa,

      I agree 100% about the surprise that certain things appear to be omitted from teaching.

      This might interest you.:

      If you wish we could send you a free copy. I think the initiative of Dr Misner is potentially a huge step forward. We send this out free to those who are genuinely interested and because we strongly believe that, in the long run, everyone will benefit from a new focus on that has, until now, been secret kept for too long.

      However breaking this taboo will take some courage as there are a huge number of managers who may feel they will lose a special advantage once everyone has access to such essential aspects to good leadership.

  2. In a previous business, we ran an advertising campaign in the 1990s about business politics. It seemed to us that it should be considered a tool and not necessarily negative.

    It is negative, now, because it is uncontrolled and hidden. If revealed and taught huge positive steps could be made. Your idea of teaching networking would be a first stage to reaching this more extensive taboo breaking goal.

    I can send you a copy of what we used to had out to trainees, or you can get on from:

    It has been used extensively by certain industrial managers. Peter Samuel now with Dairy Farm in Hong Kong might share some experinences about this.

  3. I have completed My Masters in Business Administration and after that i worked in call center then i realized i should join my family business there i can grow more or earn handsome money but after joining business gradually i have feeling what ever i studied in campus no utilization here their mind set or philosophy some time creat a big barrier between me and tehm it’s practical life far different from campus theory plz guide me settling my career as an entrepreneur

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