Do Your One-to-One Networking Meetings Seem Like a Waste of Time?

Have you ever heard someone in your network say, “If you don’t do one to ones effectively, you might as well talk to yourself”?  Well, it really is true–if your one-to-one meetings seem more like a waste of time than productive, relationship-building, referral generating sessions that equal time well spent, I highly recommend you watch this fantastic video.

In this short video, Lawrence Conyers of UK based Anson Corporate Media, who is not only an experienced networker but also a gifted and creative photographer, videographer, and artist, demonstrates the actions, behaviors, and strategies that make the difference between one to ones that will take you and your business to new heights of success and one to ones that will take you . . . well . . . nowhere.

Take a few minutes to watch this video (Not only will you learn from it, I’m willing to bet you’ll get a good laugh as well!) and let me know what you think of  it–I think the “Cup of Tea” acrostic is pretty clever and I also realize that now I’ll have to add “great actor” to Lawrence’s list of creative talents! 😉  Also, I’d love to hear about your experiences with one to ones–what tactics have you employed that got great results and what tactics do you think make for a complete waste of time?

To learn more about Lawrence Conyers and Anson Corporate Media, please visit:

14 thoughts on “Do Your One-to-One Networking Meetings Seem Like a Waste of Time?

  1. Loved this! What a great job you did on this video Lawrence…entertaining but with a powerful message embedded. One of the greatest resources we have in BNI is the 121 meetings, but doing them effectively is so often overlooked. I’m sharing this with all of my BNI members and Facebook friends!


  2. Great video! This is absolutely a “must share”. Within the last few years, I became very good friends with one person by getting together quite regularly and making small talk for two and a half years. Within the last year, I became close friends and in fact, strategic referral partners with a new BNI member within 2 months. Weekly 1:1 strategy sessions and commitment to take action make time far more productive than a hundred get togethers.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video!

  3. In my 121s, I use the GAINS system to understand the person in front of me (Goals, Achievements, Interests, Network & Skills). It is vital to understand the goals of the person I am having the 121 with, as if I can dovetail their personal goals with my networking goals then there is a greater chance of success both ways. Understanding their network helps me to understand how, and at what level, they can help me achieve MY goals via word of mouth referral-based marketing.

  4. 121 is only use when you need more progress from other. All levels of management is using this techniques for more productive. your post and video is also help me to handle business.


  5. Why did you remove the video? I am looking for one to one meeting tips and by the comments shown, this looks like one to be educational. 🙁

  6. It was great to watch this video after a 1-1 today. Our meeting was very informative in helping me to delve deeper into the issues not only facing the individual but companies like his so I can improve marketing approach.

    The CUPOFTEA acrostic is “sticky” but also suggests this tactic can be used for benefit in teaching and improving areas of deficiency.

  7. If someone holds a particular seat in a chapter (for instance, family law) and another member asks them about other areas of law they practice, are they permitted to discuss those things in a 1/1? I was under the impression that 1/1’s were designed to get to know much more about the members and don’t see a problem with this since people will work with who they like and trust anyway. Especially if the other member asks them what else they do.

    I’d love to hear Dr. Misner’s thoughts on this…but in the meantime I’d be grateful if someone could point me to BNI guidelines on this.


  8. Hey blog post ! I learned a lot from the analysis , Does anyone know where I would be able to obtain a sample a form version to complete ?

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