Do You Still Use Business Cards?

International Networking Week® guest blog

by Charlie Lawson, National Director, BNI UK & Ireland

International Networking Week is about celebrating the role networking plays in the development and success of businesses across the world. One of the key tools in networking is the Business Card, but as the world works its way out of the pandemic, I’ve noticed a difference in the way people are using them.

Business cards just aren’t as prevalent as they once were – and there’s a few reasons for that. Check out the video to find out more…

I’d love to know – do you still use business cards? Or have you switched to a technology solution?

Charlie Lawson | BNI UK & Ireland

3 thoughts on “Do You Still Use Business Cards?

  1. Hi Charlie. As a BNI member in the printing seat I certainly hope business cards will remain a vital resource for face to face networking. I still receive business card orders from many of my customers so I feel they are alive and kicking at this time. Digital alternatives will take over eventually though, and that is good progress as far as being kind to our planet is concerned. On that note may I offer a little advice to business card buyers? Using sustainable sources for paper is much kinder to the environment than using re-cycled paper. In the UK we have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) who monitor and regulate forest use. Any paper that has the FSC mark will have been manufactured with sustainability in mind and trees will be re-planted to replace what is used. Re-cycling on the other hand involves a lot of processing and bleaching and sadly the waste chemicals from this process can end up in rivers.
    In my humble opinion, while we are still using paper, sustainable sources are far kinder to our environment than re-cycling.

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