Do You Network Like You ‘Google Search’? Here’s Why You Should . . .

Last week, I was meeting with executives from the Referral Institute and Thomas Albrecht, Referral Institute Master Franchisee in Austria and Germany, brought up a really interesting concept about networking when he compared it to doing a Google® search.

I immediately asked him if we could record the topic on video for this blog because it’s a fantastic topic that I think will really resonate with networkers globally and it’s something I’ve never thought of before.

So, watch the video and let us know . . . have you been networking like you do Google searches?  Leave a comment and let us know if your networking tactics thus far have been pretty on par with this strategy, or whether you’re going to remember the Google analogy and make some changes to make sure you’re networking efforts are more precise.

6 thoughts on “Do You Network Like You ‘Google Search’? Here’s Why You Should . . .

  1. Totally agree. This is why we do a niche industry of construction marketing. When my network thinks of construction, they think of introducing me and they build their credibility by referring an industry expert to their contact.

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