‘Do You Matter? How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company’

I just read a great book called Do you matter? How great design will make people love your companyCo-written by my good friend, bestselling author and corporate consultant Stewart Emery along with former Apple industrial design director Robert Brunner, the book begins by asking if you, in fact, matter to your customers.


Think about it . . . this is a really important question.  Has your product, service or brand established an emotional connection with your customers to the extent that they’re invested in your lasting success?  If you disappeared, would their lives be diminished in some way?

As the book explains, when you know how to use design as a complete strategy, starting with the ideal customer experience and then building an internal supply chain to deliver in a way that exceeds expectations, you’ll create products, services and experiences that truly matter to your customers’ lives–and your business will thrive.  However, the reality is that few companies know how to create great design, and even fewer know how to implement a design strategy that will secure enduring success.

This book offers tremendous value to anyone who reads it because it clearly outlines how to transform any business into a design-driven business that follows in the steps of companies such as Nike, Apple, Ikea and BMW, all of which use design values to make a positve difference in the lives of their customers.  The authors also include some really great stories of successes as well as missed opportunities, all of which make it a really interesting read.

Well done, Stewart: I love the book.

To find out more about the book, click here.

2 thoughts on “‘Do You Matter? How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company’

  1. Fantastic!!! I love the concept and couldn’t agree more!

    Ivan – be sure to watch this BNI video – it’s less than 2 minutes. I think YOU in particular will enjoy it.

    Please feel free to email me after you’ve seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CojKqmTLhy8 I would welcome your input and feedback.


  2. This is very true for companies making products, but just as true for service companies. In their case through branding.

    I mean Innocent just make fruit juice, geek squad are just it support but their branding brings them above the competition.

    I’ll grab a copy as soon as its out in the UK


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