Do Men or Women Spend More Time Networking?


Business Networking and Sex is the book that my co-authors (Hazel Walker and Frank DeRaffele) and I have coming out next January and in this short video, we talk about an interesting research finding that will  be published in the book.

There’s one specific question that we are asking blog readers to weigh in on and it’s this:

Which gender–men or women–do you think spends more time networking, and why is it you think that?

When you watch the video you’ll see that my co-authors each have definite opinions on this, to say the least.  I felt like I was watching a tennis match watching them banter back and forth but, one thing is for sure, I’m never bored around these two and they sure know how to get a lively conversation going!  Now, the three of us want to keep the conversation going and hear opinions from readers all over the globe, so please leave a comment here and let us know what you think!

20 thoughts on “Do Men or Women Spend More Time Networking?

  1. It depends on how you define networking. I would say women network more… If you define it by talking, listening and connecting. Women are more natural at this than men.

    Although most world leaders are men. Every man of influence is influenced by a great woman! Just my opinion.

  2. I would say that it depends on the person and if they understand the art of networking. It’s not really sex related. We could argue one way or the other based on general traits. The bottomline is how educated one person is at networking and how motivated.

  3. Remember, this question is based on a survey done of over 12,000 business people all over the world. One gender spent more time networking than the other – based on this survey. Our question is – which gender do you think it is???

    1. Again I think it depend on how you define networking. Is it restricted to BNI, Chamber and Business functions? Or does the PTA a speaking with parents at a kids baseball game count as well? Ivan how was your survey conducted?

  4. The survey was open to the public online and applies to all the people who are in the groups you mention i.e chambers, BNI, service organizations, women’s groups, professional associations. Everyone, in any and all types of groups. So – knowing that it represents people from all over the world in all contexts – the question is – who spends more time networking (according to the survey respondents). Men… or women?

  5. You are asking a Black or White question to which the answer is not Black or White. As Jason pointed out, it depends on how you define “networking”. Women are intrinsically more social than men and as Sandra said they don’t make distinctions between work and pleasure. However, is that “networking” or just gossiping/chin wagging? When it comes to Business Networking it’s not just Quantity, Quality also counts. I’d say women “network” more than men but men get better results from a business perspective from their networking efforts. So the real answer is that men and women “network” differently but probably get the same results. Looking forward to the book.

  6. We asked BUSINESS people how much of their time they spent networking (and many other questions like how much of their business did they get through networking). It was a business survey given to business people.

    But it’s OK if you don’t want to take a guess.

  7. If you lovewhat you do , then it really does not matter who does networking more. But in this survey I feel women network more by 2 to 1.

  8. My guess would be that women network more (when competing in a male driven industry, women are required to acquire more contacts which is done mostly through networking) – but in my opinion men are better at it.

  9. I think this is largely irrelevant. It is about what YOU do rather than what ‘groups’ do. This is like finding an excuse for your shortcomings. It would be more fruitful to just build your skills without any perceived ‘glass ceiling’ or imagined impediment to your success….caused by your gender, ethnicity, red hair etc.

  10. Women takes time to open up and network with people.Once started we do more networking than men.And we will have more VCP also.This ia my experience as an Entrepreneur.

  11. I think the survey results state that men network more. However, I think women are born as natural networkers, they just don’t think of recommending a doctor, hair stylist, or other business while at the park, church, girl’s night out, etc. as networking. They think of it as sharing a good thing and being helpful.

  12. The age old question….. If we break it down to the fundamental base. Men Hunt- women gather. so women network more (men just do it better) 😉
    looking forward to the book.
    Givers Gain.

  13. Women definitely network more than men. They were created to be relational beings. Men network around what we do, and any other network is purposeful for whatever mission we are on.

  14. I think it was Dinah Liversidge I once heard say that it wasn’t that men couldn’t be good networkers, it’s just they have to try harder at it than women 🙂

    I would say that women definitely do more networking than men. In fact, if men want to increase the number of referrals they contribute to their referrals partners, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get their wives to help out. I tried and tested it and it works. I also know a BNI regional Director who sources around three quality referrals per week through his wife for fellow members of his chapter..

    I believe women in general might be better at and spend more time at networking!

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