Discover Your Verb

I am joined this week by Alex Mandossian for a grammar lesson and to discover your verb.

You can live your life three ways: as a Noun, an Adjective, or as a Verb!

Become a Verb! Find your verb at

Verbs increase persuasion power and move people according to Alex.  The greatest thought leaders in history lived their lives as verbs.

For example, Alex said: “Rene Descartes is “Father of Western philosophy.” His verb was: THINK! (“Cogito ergo sum”) “I THINK, therefore I am!”

  • Einstein believed if you stop learning you start dying. His verb was: LEARN!  “I LEARN, therefore I am!”
  • Maria Montessori believed in teaching philosophy that bears her name today. Her verb was: TEACH!  I TEACH therefore I am.
  • Walt Disney believed in dreaming. His verb won him 22 Academy Awards!  “I DREAM, therefore I am!”

Alex said, “it’s a one-word language that moves people and causes permanent and positive change!”

Discover Your Verb

What is your verb?  Think BIG.  It’s the big movement that you make in your community and your world.  What is your verb and why?  Share it here.  I want to know.

3 thoughts on “Discover Your Verb

  1. Wonderful focus, I think my verb is inspire. And not just talking but being an example and more and more. Our verbs could be reflected in every little action. Grettings everyone

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